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    31 Days of Hellboy: All of the Pieces in One Place [Art Feature]

    By and | April 1st, 2014
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    It’s April 1st, and thankfully for our Mignolaversity team’s sanity, Hellboy Month at Multiversity has now come to a close, and it’s on to judging the many, many, MANY entrants to the art contest. We wanted to say thanks to everyone for entering, and we’ll be getting to naming the finalists and the winner as soon as we can.

    For now though, we wanted to look back one last time at all of the incredible pieces contributed by pro artists for 31 Days of Hellboy, in one easy post for you to see. If you’re a fan of Hellboy, share this with fellow fans and your friends, and marvel at the diversity and talent the industry offers today. Lastly, a big thanks to each and every creator who contributed a piece. We couldn’t thank you enough.

    Note: the pieces below are ordered chronologically based off posting time on Multiversity.

    Rafael Albuquerque
    Laurence Campbell
    Valerio Schiti
    Christopher Mitten
    David Petersen
    Iain McCaig
    Dave Palumbo
    Riley Rossmo
    Riley Rossmo
    Mike Norton
    Yildiray Cinar
    Tim Seeley
    Steve Seeley
    Michael Dialynas
    Mike Henderson
    Ron Chan
    Natalie Nourigat
    Mathew Reynolds
    Andre Szymanowicz
    Steve Lieber and Jonathan Case
    Vic Malhotra
    Rob Guillory
    Michael Walsh
    Christian Ward
    John Mueller
    Tyler Crook
    Giannis Miolonogiannis
    Cameron Stewart
    Tom Scioli
    Darryl Banks
    Box Brown
    Edwin Vasquez
    Katie Houghton-Ward
    Katie Houghton-Ward
    Peter Snejbjerg
    Michael Avon Oeming
    Marcio Takara
    Joe Querio
    Dennis Culver
    PJ Holden
    Wes Craig
    Julian Totino Tedesco
    Patric Reynolds
    Kyle Strahm
    Tonci Zonjic
    Tess Fowler
    Erica Henderson
    Ricardo Venancio
    Mike Maihack
    Richard Pace
    Richard Pace
    Andrew MacLean
    JoJo Seames
    Ryan Browne
    Brahm Revel
    Filipe Andrade
    J. Bone
    Felipe Sobriero
    Logan Faerber
    Greg Smallwood
    Joseph Dellagatta
    Jason Copland
    Chris Pyrate
    Saumin Patel
    Saumin Patel
    Peter Bergting
    Caanan Grall
    Johan Egerkrans
    Daniel Irizarri
    Kris Anka
    Joe Mulvey
    Ben Oliver
    Mateus Santolouco
    Justin Erickson
    Ben Stenbeck
    Chris Mooneyham
    Joe Hunter
    Ive Svorcina
    Dalibor Talajic
    Mike Roberts
    Greg Hinkle
    James Harren
    Luke Parker
    Warwick Johnson-Cadwell
    James Harren

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