Blood, Meth and Tears: A Farewell to “Breaking Bad” [Art Feature]

We love comics.

That much is absolutely obvious. After all, we run a comic book website. However, every once in a while there is some story that people of discerning taste just can’t get enough of, whether they’re fans of comics, movies, TV or any other storytelling medium. Something that transcends the designation of “comic site” or “movie site” or whatever.

Things like “Breaking Bad,” the AMC television series from creator Vince Gilligan that stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. In our minds, the three editors of Multiversity, “Breaking Bad” is undoubtedly one of the greatest TV shows ever (if you need a reminder, please check out “The Ecstasy of Gold” tribute video), and one that has managed to hit new highs with its final half season. Filled with some of the best performances and most haunting moments in television history, we truly couldn’t love it much more, even as it tears our guts out.

With its series finale coming this Sunday, we knew we wanted to do something to commemorate our last experience with Walter White, Jesse Pinkman and all of the rest of the cast of characters, so we talked to some of our artist friends to see if any of them were interested in contributing to an art feature where they create original pieces related to the show. That is, if they were a fan.

Almost universally, the artists said “YES!” because they were a big fan, and if they couldn’t, they noted that they were also a big fan and wished that they could. Artists as diverse as Jim Rugg, Art Baltazar, Ben Oliver, Nate Fox, Sina Grace and Tim Seeley contributed pieces, and we couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. We could be adding pieces as we move along, so make sure to check back.

Also, please share in the comments your thoughts on these pieces, as well as your favorite moments or characters, and share with the Breaking Bad fans that you know as well.


Andrea Sorrentino (Twitter) with colors form Marcelo Maiolo

Andre Szymanowicz (Blog/Twitter/DeviantArt)

Art Baltazar(Website/Twitter) – he made a damn Walt TOY!

Ben Oliver (Blog/Twitter)

Dennis Culver (Website/Twitter/DeviantArt)

Edwin Vasquez (Website/Twitter)

James Harren (Blog/The Bog/deviantArt)

Jess Graham (DeviantArt)

Jim Rugg (Website/Twitter)

JoJo Seames (Website/Twitter/DeviantArt)

Joe Eisma (Twitter/DeviantArt)

Matthew Meylikhov (Yeah, that one)

Moritat (DeviantArt)

Nathan Fox (Website/Twitter)

PJ Holden (Website/Twitter)

Ricardo Drumond (Facebook/Behance)

Ryan Browne (Website/Twitter/God Hates Astronauts/Blast Furnace) with colors by Greg and Fake Petre

Sina Grace (Website/Twitter/Tumblr)

Note from Sina About the piece: When asked to participate in celebrating the epically dark and fantastic series that is Breaking Bad, I jumped at the chance to draw Marie. She’s always been such a strange character in the series, as it took the entirety of the show’s run for her to find strength as a wife, honor as a sister, and pride as a woman. She definitely earns the color purple that she drenches through her household and closet. The phat Giuseppe Zanotti shoes are a little callback to her klepto days. Like every character in Breaking Bad, Marie was layered and mesmerizing, and I did my best to try and honor that.

Tim Seeley (Website/Twitter)

Tom Scioli (Website/Twitter)

Tonci Zonjic (Website/Twitter)

Vic Malhotra (Twitter/Blog/Tumblr)

Riley Rossmo (Twitter/Tumblr)

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  • Jamie Yost

    Everyone should check out Francisco Francavilla’s blog or Twitter, as well. He’s created unique art for every damn episode of the show.