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Exclusive: See Two Variant “Commanders in Crisis” Covers from Laura Braga and Paul Harding

By | September 18th, 2020
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Earlier this summer, we covered the announcement of “Commanders in Crisis,” the new multiversal superhero series at Image Comics by Steve Orlando and Davide Tinto. Today, we’re thrilled to share two exclusive variant covers by Laura Braga and Paul Harding, as well as some commentary on the two covers by Orlando and Tinto.

Cover by Davide Tinto
Written by Steve Orlando
Illustrated by Davide Tinto

The Crisis Command, last survivors of the multiverse, are faced with an impossible task: avenging the death…of an idea! DOA is EMPATHY ITSELF, and while empathy withers and dies across the world, Originator uses her abilities to bring the John Doe back for 24 hours to reveal the name of his killer!

Cover by Laura Braga

Steve Orlando: “When we started ‘Commanders in Crisis,’ we set out to be a unique blend of new and familiar – classic nuclear powered comics storytelling with an eye on building for tomorrow, because that’s what comics readers deserve. You deserve what’s new and next. You’ll get it every month from us, and the work here by Laura Braga and Paul Harding couldn’t be more emblematic of that! Laura’s visual style of both classic and fresh, part 90s glam, part Mucha, embracing the female gaze in a way I find so beautiful. And Paul Harding’s digital sculpting offers a hyper-reality as never seen in comics, as if you can reach out and touch the world itself within the page! We set out to give you things you’ve never seen before whenever you visit ‘Commanders in Crisis’ —join us as we prove it, month in and out.”

Cover by Paul Harding

Davide Tinto: “I have been following Paul Harding and Laura Braga’s work for quite a while. They are both great artists and they have reached great results in the business. Getting variant covers from these two artists fills me with joy, and I am thankful to both of them.

‘Commanders in Crisis’ is a very deep and ambitious project that touches on various topical issues in a very direct and elegant way. A sparkling mix of themes conveyed by the superhero aesthetic. You will certainly like it.”

Thanks to Image for the first looks at these covers, and make sure to pick up the issue on November 18th!

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