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Exclusive: Two-Face is Jim Lee’s Latest Charity Sketch

By | May 12th, 2020
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DC publisher/chief creative officer Jim Lee has been auctioning off 60 sketches in 60 days to benefit Book Industry Charitable Foundation, an organization that is providing relief for comic book retailers impacted by having to close their stores due to the covid-19 pandemic. He’s been auctioning them off on eBay, along with the sketches of some fellow artists who have donated their sketches. Lee has raised over $330,000 to date, and DC Comics is donating an additional $250,000 to further help retailers who are hurting at the moment.

There is another cool element to this, where the winner of each sketch gets to tell Lee which character he is to draw next, and there cannot be duplicates. Like we did with Stephanie Brown and Composite Superman a few weeks ago, we are thrilled to exclusively reveal the latest sketch: Two Face!

Featuring a ‘Dent 2020’ campaign pin, Two Face is a classic Bat-villain who really needs no introduction. Lee’s sketch perfectly captures the delicate balance between Harvey Dent, the attorney, and Two-Face, the monster.

You can bid on this and other sketches on Lee’s eBay page, which you can find by clicking here or searching “ChunkyMonkey0000.” Also currently up for bid are Lee’s takes on Hawkgirl and Tim Drake, as well as a gorgeous, painted Elektra by Bill Sienkiewicz.

And, finally, a big thank you to Jim Lee and DC for doing what they can to help our beloved comic shops through this incredibly trying time. We are appreciative of their efforts!

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