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“Astro City” #50

By | Feb 2, 2018 | Reviews

“Astro City” #50 is an auspicious issue, being both the 50th issue of its current run as well as the start to the final arc for this current iteration. So, how do Busiek, Anderson, Pantazis, and Comicraft choose to spend their “50th” issue? With more superheroics? With a long-dive into “Astro City” lore and its […]

critique featured Columns
My Comics Year: Thinking Critically

By | Jan 4, 2018 | Columns

Back in May of 2017, I started writing for Multiversity Comics, with a micro review of “Spider-Gwen” #20. While the first draft was anything but micro (I sent in about a full review’s worth of material I had to chop down), writing was a surprising struggle. The more I looked at the book, the more […]

Assassinistas-1-featured Reviews
Pick of the Week: “Assassinistas” #1

By | Dec 21, 2017 | Reviews

Assassins, missing children, and the soul-crushing nature of settling into a “normal,” unadventurous life? Sounds like a normal day in the life of Black Crown’s newest series, “Assassinistas.” Join me as I take a look at this strange yet familiar story and, be warned, you might just encounter some spoilers. Written by Tini Howard Illustrated […]

Jughead: The Hunger #2 - Featured Reviews
“Jughead: The Hunger” #2

By | Dec 15, 2017 | Reviews

There is a hunger in Archie’s Madhouse; one that cannot be satiated by an endless supply of Pop’s burgers. But who has the hunger now? And what ramifications can come from giving in just a little bit. Minor spoilers ahead. Written by Frank Tieri Illustrated by Pat & Tim Kennedy and Joe Eisma Colored by […]

Shade the Changing man #4 - Featured Reviews
“Shade the Changing Man” #4

By | Dec 12, 2017 | Reviews

Since “Shade the Changing Girl” has been on hiatus since September and we’re now entering the holiday season, I thought that this would be a good time to look back on what is, arguably, Vertigo’s wackiest and most surreal series, “Shade the Changing Man.” Even though I have only read it in the last year, […]

witchblade #1 - featured Reviews
“Witchblade” #1

By | Dec 7, 2017 | Reviews

Caitlin Kittredge returns to comics with the soft-reboot, sort-of-sequel to the long running series, “Witchblade.” This feels like right in her wheel house and, having read “Coffin Hill,” I was hopeful for her take on this series. I just wish she had learned a bit more from her previous foray into comics before structuring this […]

Supergirl reign - featured Television
Five Thoughts on Supergirl‘s “Reign”

By | Dec 5, 2017 | Television

Whew, last week’s crossover was a doozy. I can’t wait to find out how it affects the sh…oh. They don’t even acknowledge the wedding. Welp. I shouldn’t be surprised but, here I am, complaining about it. I wish they held some narrative weight so that the character work done in the crossover could have some […]

Sword of Ages #1 - Featured Reviews
“Sword of Ages” #1

By | Nov 30, 2017 | Reviews

Take the Sword and Sorcery genre, mix in some Arthurian lore, add in a dash of Superman’s origin, a pinch of The Jungle Book, and shake it all up with a sci-fi adventure tale and you have Gabriel Rodriguez’s debut issue of “Sword of Ages.” It’s a wild ride but is it worth checking out? […]


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