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expansion featured Reviews

By | Mar 6, 2018 | Reviews

“Expansion,” published by AdHouse Books is co-written/co-illustrated by Matt Sheean and Malachi Ward. It is the first story the pair had worked on together and sows the seeds for their later work, such as “Ancestor” found in the Brandon Graham helmed Image magazine “Island.” “Expansion” is hardcore and heady science fiction and everything you might […]

Zegas Featured Reviews

By | Feb 6, 2018 | Reviews

“Zegas,” published by Fantagraphics Books and written and illustrated by Michel Fiffe, collects material originally published from 2009-2012 by Copra Press. It tells the tales of the siblings Emily and Boston Zegas as they navigate everyday problems: working a crap job, finding a new job, finding a cactus, figuring out relationships. The siblings live together. […]