Boomb Tube: “Aya Carumba!”

Welcome back to Boomb Tube! Here we recap your favorite comic book animated series! This week: I’m suing Green Lantern: The Animated Series on a sexual harassment charge because it feels’ed me up.

Green Lantern: The Animated Series had a great week, as Hal and the gang visited the Red Lanterns’ world to keep the word mum on a possible Manhunter threat while that Guardian who totally won’t be Scar from Blackest Night tries to settle a peace treaty with the Red Lanterns. They all fail kind of spectacularly when The Anti-Monitor shows up eating its way through the Maelstrom that took the entire Red Lantern Corps a season to break through in a few seconds. Not-Scar reveals that millions of years ago, a Guardian by the name of Krona created The Anti-Monitor because The Guardians should really just stop trying to make things between The Anti-Monitor, the First Army and The Manhunters. While pushing it back, Aya and Razer are just about to fulfill every shipper on Tumblr until Aya is killed by the Anti-Monitor. Thankfully this is a children’s show so she’ll probably come back so- Oh what’s that? This show is cancelled after this season?… Oops.

Review Score: 9/10 – An unexpected character death handled really well? Bonus points for you, GL. 

Young Justice, meanwhile, still doesn’t seem ready to get cancelled as all of its numerous plot threads are firing on all cylinders. Green Beetle is confirmed to be not just The Reach and fixes Jamie’s Beetle, which I doubt is how the “Future Doom Beetle” plot line is going to completely end. Elsewhere, Black Manta has Psimon begin to scan Kaldur’s mind so he can be saved from the catatonic state Miss Martian put him in. Before Psimon can learn of Aqualad’s status as a double agent from psychic trickery, Artemis fires the most convenient “Poison That Makes You Appear Catatonic for a Few Days” dart at Psimon and tells Black Manta that they have to pick up Miss Martian since no other psychic is on this show. They do so with the help of Deathstroke who spends a good amount of time just beating up Lagoon Boy while everyone else kidnaps Miss Martian. Deathstroke’s kind of wonderful. Miss Martian and Artemis are able to begin to fix Kaldur’s mind by entering it fighting images of his dead ex-girlfriend. After getting Kaldur to speak a little bit, Black Manta discusses his shipping of his son and Artemis’s disguised persona and says he plans to kill Miss Martian after she fixes Kaldur. Normally I’d joke about how that wouldn’t happen but now that the show’s going to end anyway…

Review Score 8.8/10 – Young Justice is reaching huge levels of tensions lately, especially in episodes like these.

Speaking of shows that are getting cancelled: this is the only cartoon in this column that isn’t. Following the creative trend of last week’s “Electro” and “The Lizard”, this episode is titled “The Rhino”. Instead of the adorable Russian rascal from the comics, The Rhino here is a nerd who is tired of taking abuse from Flash Thompson and misuses his newfound powers to get revenge on those who made fun of him: a character that is on 90% of superhero-related cartoons. Luke Cage and Peter take him out through shenanigans and Flash Thompson learns that bullying is mean. I promise you that in every future episode he’s going to have forgotten this episode and continue being a bully.

Review Score 4/10 – If this episode was a comic, it’d have been over in a page and with less Drake Bell.


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