Boomb Tube: Mongulian Grill

Welcome back to Boomb Tube, where we recap your favorite comic book animated series! This week: Mongul attacks on Young Justice and Hawkeye teams up with Ultimate Spider-Man

After Green Lantern ripped out the heart of its fans by having Aya rip out The Anti-Monitor’s face and replace him as the universe’s biggest threat, they decided to spend this week crashing the remaining three characters on a planet with uncharged rings. As Hal, Razer and Kilowog made their way to the only hospitable area of the planet, they discovered that the uncharged rings not only got rid of their abilities but of the rings’ Google-translate function too. As a result, Razer was speaking his own alien language and Kilowog was temporarily voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson gurgling into a microphone. The group gets into shenanigans while trying to find a way back to the ship. While none of it really had any significance in the plot, I found it neat that Green Lantern dedicated an episode of their show to that trope of “everyone speaks English, even in space” that you see in stuff like Mass Effect. Sure it’d be nice to get back to The Aya-Monitor but this episode was probably good for pacing.

Review Score 7.5/10

Over on Young Justice, the members of the League accused of punching a lot of space are on trial. During the proceedings, all the aliens turn out to be the rudest courtgoers in the universe as everyone gets a tweet about how The Reach have totally called Earth. Mongul gets up, because the galaxy-spanning dictator was just hanging out in the general admission seats, and decides to go punch Earth before The Reach have fully taken over the planet. Vandal Savage watches over these proceedings because if the security guards weren’t going to notice Yellow Darkseid they sure as hell weren’t going to catch guy with beard in corner. Mongul shows up in Earth’s orbit with Warworld, his gigantic planet sized weapon, because he’ll be damned if he’s going to conquer with soda and passive-aggressiveness like The Reach did. The Team infiltrate and incapacitate Mongul as you would expect them to. Unfortunately, Mongul fired all of the missiles at Earth and, while the remaining Justice League members tried to stop them, the attack was ultimately nullified by The Reach who directed their entire fleet into the missiles. The Reach then stand around and act like they saved the day,which they kind of did this time, and have Blue Beetle, now fully controlled by The Scarab, beat up the rest of The Team and steal the key to Warworld.

Review Score: 8.5/10

Ultimate Spider-Man had Hawkeye who fired some arrows at The Beetle while his hand got stuck attached to Peter’s because Spidey’s webshooters exploded in the middle of a high five. That was it. That was the whole episode. It lasted for more than twenty minutes but that was it.

You can go home now.

Review Score: 4/10

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