Boomb Tube: What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Welcome to Boomb Tube, where we recap all your favorite weekly animated series! This week, Aya handles a bad break up and Sportsmaster attempts to assassinate Aqualad.

On Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Aya was having a hard time after being rejected by Razer a few weeks ago. She’s taken over the Anti-Monitor’s body and is now leading an army to destroy all emotion in the universe because AI constructs can’t just eat Ben and Jerry’s while crying to Taylor Swift. She arrives on Zamaron, home of the Star Sapphires, to ask what love’s got to do with it. When they can’t give her a proper response she decides to blow up the planet. The Star Sapphires call on Carol Ferris, who is their champion of love because they said she was, to defend Zamaron in a duel with Aya’s champion. Aya agrees and opens a portal to unleash the champion of hate, Atrocitus. Carol puts on the Star Sapphire ring and fights Atrocitus for a few minutes before calling on a very surprised Hal. Hal shows up, fights Atrocitus, and defeats him after one of the Sapphires who had a crush on Hal died to keep Atrocitus from killing Hal. That Sapphire’s mom seems relatively chill about the deal and tells Aya to see how love can drive someone to give their life for another’s. Aya says “Nah B” and flies off with her Manhunter army to destroy other worlds. Carol decides to keep the Star Sapphire ring and Hal is still really confused.


Over on Young Justice, Miss Martian and Artemis have successfully fixed Kaldur’s mind, but if Aqualad reveals himself as okay Black Manta will lose his need for Miss Martian and have her killed. Thankfully (or not), Sportsmaster and Chesire have boarded Manta’s ship in an attempt to kill Aqualad in retalation for Artemis’s supposed death. Artemis, still disguised as Tigress, tries to convince her father and sister that she’s still alive but Sportsmaster still really wants to punch some Black Manta he continues his assault. Deathstroke (who still has the greatest anime ponytail) fights Sportsmaster while Chesire pretends to fight Tigress until Miss Martian takes Deathstroke out. Sportsmaster, Cheshire, and Miss Martian make their escape and Aquald and Tigress stay behind to keep tabs on Black Manta. The following day, Cheshire discloses that Artemis is alive to their mother. Meanwhile, The Reach Ambassador praises Blue Beetle as Earth’s greatest hero while Nightwing snaps his batarang, now aware of Beetle’s turn.

Review Score: 8.5/10

Ultimate Spider-Man had The Sinister Six, led by Doc Ock and featuring The Beetle, Kraven, Rhino, Electro, and a mind-controlled Lizard ambush Spider-Man until they were defeated with the help of his friends. No reason for the Six to come together or anything about their motivations. They just showed up, “Hi how ya doing?” Only really significant thing that occured was Doctor Connors reverting back into The Lizard and dissapearing. I think the main problem with Ultimate Spider-Man is how it really lacks a lot of the subtlety or complex plots that make a lot of other cartoons popular. While other shows, like its predecessor Spectacular Spider-Man, had plots that built up over the course of the series, Ultimate just does a lot of cheap done-in-ones which is fine for what teh show is, but as a result the show is the cartoon equivalent of Law and Order. Also, the writers seem to write about ten minutes of a plot for a twenty minute show because half of every episode is Drake Bell commenting on the action with the dialogue-quality of a slightly raunchier Family Circus character. Ultimate Spider-Man’s not necessarily terrible, it just feels like it’s not trying.

Review SCore: 4/10.

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