Comics Should Be Cheap! (1/1/2013)

Buying comics can be an expensive hobby. A lot of fans simply can’t afford everything they’re interested in, due to rising prices and the over-saturation of the market with superhero titles.

That’s why we’re here. Every week, the Multiversity staff is asked “What would you buy this week if you couldn’t go over $20?” and shares their reasons why, in order to help others who might have similar tastes make their own decisions in buying comics on a budget. Be sure to leave your own picks in the comments!

Walt’s Picks:

Punk Rock Jesus #6 ($2.99) – The best miniseries of 2012 wraps up in 2013. That means it counts as the best miniseries of both years, right? I hate to repeat myself, but from issue to issue, this mini by Multiversity favorite Sean Murphy has been defying expectations in terms of both story and art. If you didn’t pick this up in singles, you missed out; pick up the trade or forever be ostracized by other comic fans.

Okay, not really, as different strokes for different folks, but you get it.

Hellboy in Hell #2 ($2.99) – New Hellboy. $2.99. Come on, folks.

Batman Incorporated #6 ($2.99) – After the great issue that was #5, DC’s best non-Vertigo ongoing returns to the present. The Morrison Magic may have run out on “Action Comics,” but it is still in full force on this book, and even if Chris Burnham makes some very off-color jokes on Twitter, he is still amazing on the page. This book is a time bomb for me when it comes to DC; if nothing quite as good comes up by the time Grant is done, I will probably be done with DC for a bit. Not as any kind of manifesto, mind you — I will just unintentionally phase it out for a bit, if you will.

American Vampire #34 ($2.99) – I have mixed feelings about “American Vampire” going on hiatus. On the one hand, that sucks! I love “American Vampire!” On the other hand, Snyder’s DC work has been slipping lately, and I’d rather not get “American Vampire” at all than see it do likewise. Let it sit for a bit, guys — but let it go out on a note that leaves us checking the internet every day to see if its return has been announced yet.

Fatale #11 ($3.50) – It’s Brubaker and Phillips doing what they do best — and this issue is self-contained, so you have no excuse.

New Avengers #1 ($3.99) – Cool brag: I kind of predicted this book a year and a half ago. In case you forget, I’m going to remind you when I actually review it. Just go ahead and offer me an editorial job, Marvel.

Total: $19.45 – Goddamn it I forgot “Manhattan Projects.”

Matt’s Picks

New Avengers #1 ($3.99) – A long time ago in an old article we had called “Fund It,” our very own CSBC-spearhead Walter Richardson said Jonathan Hickman should write a book starring Marvel’s Illuminati. Now he is. I can’t wait to see if Walt was right.

Invincible #99 ($2.99) – The penultimate issue of ‘the Death of Everyone.’ Speaking as someone who has already read it, I can tell you its quite a bombastic issue.

Punk Rock Jesus #6 ($2.99) – The last issue to what we voted as the Best Mini of 2012. Wouldn’t want to miss this.

Matinee ticket to Les Miserables at your local theater (~$10) – I saw this Sunday morning and was a bit floored. I’m biased and have always loved musicals, and I saw a live production of Les Mis in high school, but the film really got me. Singing makes war torn France so much more enjoyable! And Samantha Barks? My word. Fuck it, take a break from comics. It’s a new year and you’re probably reading this hungover anyway.

Total: $19.97 – Happy New Year!

Brian’s Picks:

The Manhattan Projects #8 ($3.50) – If you thought this series was nuts before, just wait until Wednesday. Shit gets real.

Hellboy in Hell #2 ($2.99) – Another delicate, rough, weirdly beautiful and profoundly sad trip through Hell, with everyone’s favorite tour guide. The fact that Marvel is charging $3.99 for “Iron Man” this week and “Hellboy in Hell” is a buck cheaper is absolutely insane.

New Avengers #1 ($3.99) – This is, by far, my most highly anticipated book in the Marvel NOW! relaunch, as it should be for you: Hickman writing the Illuminati. Plus, Steve Epting – need I say more?

I, Vampire #15 ($2.99) – As Andrea Sorrentino’s run on interiors comes to a close, it is all the more important to be picking up this book to behold what he’s doing on it. Next month’s “Green Arrow” from Sorrentino and Jeff Lemire can’t come soon enough.

Glory #31 ($3.99) – This book is ending far too soon, so enjoy the last few installments. Note to DC/Marvel: this is how you take an old, some might say poorly used character, and turn it into something special.

Total: $17.46

Vince’s Picks:

New Avengers #1 ($3.99) – As exciting as Hickman writing the main Avengers title is, I think that New Avengers is going to be the title to watch. It seems like it’s going to be the book where Hickman is allowed to get a little weirder, which is exactly what I want to see from the man.

Manhattan Projects #8 ($3.50) – Speaking of Hickman being weird, isn’t “The Manhattan Projects” just the most delightfully twisted series in comics? Every issue feels important and packed full of ideas. I’m not sure what brilliantly strange corner of Hickman’s mind comes up with this stuff, but it’s worth $3.50 every time.

Prophet #32 ($3.99) – Let’s start the year off right by supporting one of the most creative and underrated books on the stands. “Prophet” under Brandon Graham has been an amazingly unlikely resurrection. Let’s start 2013 by taking more chances on books like this and saving our money by dropping poorly conceived event books and mainstream titles that are going through the motions.

Glory #31 ($3.99) – What I said for Prophet can go right here too. It’s just a shame that “Glory” is going to be ending prematurely pretty soon here.

Batman Incorporated #6 ($2.99) – Here’s a mainstream book that’s certainly not going through the motions. Every issue of Morrison’s “Batman Inc” has been wildly different and delightfully off-the-wall. Reading this book month after month, where it feels like anything can happen, makes it even more clear where half (or more) of the New 52 books are going wrong with their editorial micro-management.

Total: $18.46

About The AuthorWalt RichardsonWalt had a blast writing for Multiversity Comics on a weekly basis for a few years (on good weeks, at least). He has moved on to daytime employment and nighttime education, but you might still see his words pop up on Multiversity Comics every now and then.

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