Jordie Bellaire Shows Us Her “Marvel”ous Coloring Technique [Process Art]

Following up on our chat with her earlier today, Jordie Bellaire was kind enough to walk us through her process of coloring a page, from initial inked image to finished product. The page is question is from “Captain Marvel” #9, written by Kelly Sue DeConnick and ilustrated by Felipe Andrade.

Here is the inked pages from Andrade:

I send the lineart to be flatted and it comes back like this:

I then go through and “color correct” the file. I match things for costume, setting or any clear notes given to me by my team. Specific colors for the room or the time of day.

Then I just tweak the colors slightly and begin rendering. I try and change it up, painted backgrounds and cut characters or gradients and cuts. Whatever strikes my fancy or the look of the book. Here I started thinking about maybe giving the screen a pink glow and having screens in Tony’s lab be pink but then I regretted it and went on to just make his whole place green!

After everything is pretty much rendered I just nail out a few little details with values here and there. Maybe to push something back or bring a character forward.

So now the final version looks like this and the walls have been darkened and overall the page has been “refined”.

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