Multiversity’s Got You Covered: Week of 11/14/12

What a week in comics this is. Four huge Marvel Now! launches, Image dropping bombs all over the place, and much, much more awaited comic fans at their local shops this comic book day. Did the covers match the awesomeness inside of those books? You can find out below.

5. The Massive #6
Art by John Paul Leon

I love this cover. Love love love it. The muted blue combined with the splotchy black is a very powerful color pallete, and it really makes the piece pop from the start. Then, the excellent blending of scale makes what the crew of (what I assume is) the Kapital is doing all the more intense. It’s a really strong cover – not flashy, just effective. In a strong week, though, it finishes at #5.

4. Saga #7
Art by Fiona Staples

I love all of Fiona Staples’ covers so far for Saga, especially given the way that she loses single color backgrounds to envelop the issue – both front and pack. This month, it’s a salmon color of sorts, and it’s a warm, welcoming antithesis to the happenings on the page. I’m not entirely sure what Marko has just wiped out, exactly, but if I had a best guess, it is Marko at war with the winged folk of Landfall, coated in their blood from his badass warrior moves. The coloration and little touches like the blood dripping off his chin take this piece to the next level, and it’s pretty damn exceptional work from Fiona, as per usual.

3. Fantastic Four #1
Art by Skottie Young

This week, there were a lot of hilarious babies variants (although Marvel’s affinity for baby variants is as perplexing as all of the Deadpool ones) from Skottie Young, but this one? This is the pièce de résistance. This is the masterstroke. We’ve already seen the first appearance of Baby Galactus (see: A-Babies vs. X-Babies #1 – “Diamond” David Harper), and his reappearance and the reckoning he’s bringing to the moon is nothing if not hilarious and awesome. Throw in all of the Kirby like effects in the background and the A++++ faces he throws down for Johnny and Reed, and this is the creme de la creme of the baby covers.

2. X-Men Legacy #1
Art by Mike del Mundo

This cover is a little bit of a shame. On one hand, it’s a ridiculously exceptional cover that blends together famous X-Men covers throughout time (do you see Magneto’s face from the X-Men #1 cover and Wolverine’s from Wolverine #1 – Claremont/Miller style – in there?) for a perfect effect. I mean, Legion, the lead of this comic, is a mutant who basically steals others powers and can use them at any given time (if he wasn’t crazy). It’s a powerful piece, both from a design and storytelling standpoint.

It’s just a shame that the comic inside of it is so damn mediocre.

1. The Creep #3
Art by Tonci Zonjic

Fellow MCer Walt Richardson raves about this book, and if the insides are as amazing as the covers, it’s hard to imagine it isn’t a truly spectacular book. Tonci Zonjic has had a big, big year from both a covers and interiors standpoint (and a big week, at that), but this might match his Lobster Johnson cover from a couple months back as a true contender for cover of the year. It’s a horrific, subtle and powerful piece, and one that conveys all of that with an elegant simplicity and eye for detail that pushes it over the top. Zonjic is rapidly becoming one of the best in the business at covers, and this is a great example as to why.

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