Multiversity’s Got You Covered: Week of 11/21/12

On this week’s delayed edition of Multiversity’s Got You Covered, we go Vertigo heavy at the top and highlight some really, really top notch work from an array of the best in the business. Oh, and one Marvel book makes it.

5. Mind the Gap #6
Art by Rodin Esquejo

I really enjoy this cover in its simplicity. It’s a pretty basic one, but it quickly and effectively draws your attention to it, and assuredly works well as a storytelling piece as well. Esquejo is one of the best in the business, and while this isn’t one of his best, it is a cover that doesn’t look like anything else on the racks. Plus, I have to give bonus credit because I really enjoy the titling choices they always make on this book. I love the stencil like letters for both the title and the credits.

4. Fables #124
Art by Joao Ruas

After last month’s stunner, Ruas was bound to take a bit of a step down, but this cover is still pretty freaking wonderful. I love the way the cover feels like it was cut from a storybook and placed onto the pages of something else, and the merging of highly disparate images in both color and look. It’s a really unique looking one, and something that benefits quite a bit from taking some time to really look at it.

3. Hawkeye #4
Art by Dave Aja

Aja is a master of powerful simplicity. Why fill a cover with all kinds of unnecessary crap when you can do something like this? It’s almost entirely white space, so your eye automatically draws to it when you look at it on a rack filled with cluttered images and random color and noise. The image that is created is very simple, as I previously said, but the way that it is positioned in relation to the cover with the sound wave effect below really makes it pop all the more. Phenomenal work, and something almost no one else would even consider crafting.

2. Hellblazer #297
Art by Simon Bisley

This one really snuck up on me. I do want to note that the version you see here is actually not the cover version – it’s the one that has the full image, none of the titling – but what Simon Bisley created is just so damn beautiful and detailed. I mean, look at that thing? The smoke effect from Constantine’s cigarette, the detail of the wings, the incredible coloring throughout…it’s just an extraordinary cover, and makes the pending departure of this book all the more sad because of the loss of Bisley on regular covers.

1. The Unwritten #43
Art by Yuko Shimizu

Just recently, Yuko Shimizu earned the Silver Medal from the Society of Illustrators for this very cover, and it’s easy to see why. It’s another of Shimizu’s wonderfully detailed pieces, with a real ethereal beauty to it. I love her covers typically, but this is yet another great example. My only question is, how did it not win the Gold Medal?

Oh, she won that too? But not for an Unwritten cover? That’s cool too.

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