Multiversity’s Got You Covered: Week of 2/13/13

This week’s edition of Got You Covered finds one book reaching its end in an extra special to me tribute, with four other books doing their things and doing them well. Who made this week’s ranks? Find out below.

5. The Manhattan Projects #9
Art by Jonathan Hickman

It’s hard to rank this cover much higher, just because of how limited it is in some ways, but that is only under the idea of covers past. Jonathan Hickman gives these books a really unique design that is completely unlike anything else out there. Sure, there’s not much to it, but it makes this cover pop off the racks and draws your eye to where he wants your eye drawn. It’s ingenius in its simplicity, and terribly effective in the process.

4. Star Wars #2
Art by Alex Ross

It’s hard not to have Alex Ross place on this list because, frankly, his work is outrageously gorgeous. He’s perfect for Star Wars as a book because he is one of the few artists who can capture the scale and grandeur of the Star Wars movie posters. That said, I hope he brings a bit more diversity to these. We’re only two covers in and we already have a repeated format that will get tired fairly quickly.

3. Batman #17
Art by Greg Capullo

While Death of the Family ended up fizzling out a bit, Greg Capullo was certainly not to blame for that. His work was superb throughout, and this cover is a great example. Creepy, atmospheric and a wonderfully insane storytelling device, this is Capullo bringing it on the character and his primary antagonist like no one else can. It’s a spectacular cover, and shockingly the first time Capullo has been highlighted in this column. It certainly won’t be the last.

2. Avengers Academy #4
Art by Dave Johnson

First off, people may be hating on this book, but I think it’s great. Dennis Hopeless is doing a really amazing job with it, stitching together a group of disparate characters only associated with each other because they’re a) young and b) captured by Arcade, and he’s making it work incredibly well. Not only that, but holy crap, he has Dave Johnson on covers, and I love the simplicity of this boxing/wrestling bout styled poster. As a cover, it’s a great way to convey the types of things going on in this book (even if that may or may not have actually happened in this issue), and his color palette and simple design makes it unique in a way that really stands out on the racks. I know, I know, Dave Johnson getting props here? Shocking, right?

1. X-Men #41
Art by Adam Kubert

This drives the X-Fan in me absolutely bonkers. The X image with Professor X, Jim Lee redesign Cyclops, Jean Grey and Magneto at the core, and then dotting the page with favorites throughout the run of the series, is a pretty genius way to end this series. I love little shots of things like Jubilee holding onto Wolverine’s arm, classic Rogue, Archangel and Psylocke, Bishop being a beast, Xorn making an appearance, the proximity of old happy go lucky Iceman and Emma Frost, and just part of Kitty showing up. It’s a pretty genius piece, and the cherry on top? It’s a Kubert. It had to be either Andy or Adam – personally, I associate Andy more with this title, but he’s DC exclusive – and a Kubert was the only person for the job.

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