Soliciting Multiversity: Image’s April 2013

We’re in January, but Image is already planning to give us the brightest of possible futures with their solicits for April. Don’t believe me? Ha! Foolish mortal. Just look below and take your first step towards the fantastic.

You can check out the full solicits <a href=" here at CBR.

Guarding the Universe

Here’s something I didn’t even pick up on: in February, “Guarding the Globe” hits its sixth issue and with it comes a solicit mentioning that everything building since issue #1 pays off with that issue, with the tease that one Guardian won’t make it out alive. Then, in March, there’s no new “Guarding” issue, instead seeing the release of the “Guarding” series in its second trade as well as re-release of Volume 1 (written by Kirkman).

And now there’s “Invincible Universe” #1. Of course there is! After all, “Invincible” just had one of its biggest stories with “the Death of Everyone,” which literally changed the landscape the book takes place in. Things have to get bigger, the scope has to get larger, and what’s bigger than an entire universe?

So now the “Guarding the Globe” team moves over to “Invincible Universe,” and we get a book full of “Invincible, the Guardians, Tech Jacket, the Astounding Wolf-Man and more.” You can’t help but notice that there’s no mention of Brit in there. He’s certainly big enough to deserve his own mention by now, isn’t he? What with his original series pre-dating the Guardians book. You don’t suppose he’s the one that doesn’t make it out of “Guarding”, do you?

Either way, sounds like a win for fans Kirkman’s mainstay superhero comic.

Here is your solicit:

32 PAGES / FC / T+
In the aftermath of INVINCIBLE 100 and “The Death of Everyone,” Dinosaurus has left his mark on the world. Can heroes from across the universe — Invincible, the Guardians of the Globe, Tech Jacket, the Astounding Wolf-Man and more — contain the damage done? Or are the end times of the Invincible Universe ahead?

Now can I just have a Best Tiger spin-off mini, please? I’ll happily write it!

A Personal Remark From Myself to Image: “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!”

Because having some of the biggest creators in comics putting out original content on a monthly basis wasn’t good enough, Image has decided to get selfish and put out two of my most highly anticipated comics of 2013 in one month.

So what do we have? “Jupiter’s Legacy” (formerly “Jupiter’s Children”) from Mark Millar and Frank Quitely and “Chin Music” from Steve Niles from Tony Harris. Two of the biggest writers, two of the most innovative and creative artists, two fantastic sounding books.

Take a look at these solicits:

art / cover A FRANK QUITELY
32 PAGES / FC / M
The comic-book event of 2013 finally arrives as superstar creators MARK MILLER and FRANK QUIETLY give us the superhero epic that all future comics will be measured by. The world’s greatest heroes have grown old and their legacy is a poisonous one to the children who will never live up to their remarkable parents. Unmissable.

No matter what you may think of Millar’s work as he’s certainly a divisive writer as of late, I don’t think you – as a comic fan – are legally allowed to miss out on a book with new art from Frank Quitely. I mean, I don’t have any fancy pants law degree, but I’m pretty sure.

art / cover TONY HARRIS
32 PAGES / FC / M
Shaw is a man on the run and lost in time. Fleeing ancient enemies, Shaw finds himself in prohibition-era Chicago surrounded by gangers and demons alike and caught between law enforcement and the local supernatural underground. CHIN MUSIC is a tale of mysticism and violence like nothing you’ve experienced before.

Damn. That sounds fan-fucking-tastic, pardon my language. Tony Harris is one of my favorite artists from his work on things like “Ex Machina” and the more recent “Whistling Skull” mini at DC, and seeing him team up with Steve Niles for something ostensibly in the same thread as “Fatale” with it’s horror/noir just sounds too good to pass up.

Returning Favorites

I hope you’re a fan of “’68” and “Mice Templar,” because guess what, champ? You’re getting both back in April!

First up is the return of “’68” with the new story ‘Jungle Jim,’ which is the second “’68” book and is sure to be full of lots of zombies and Vietnam horror just the way you like it. Or, well, no one really likes zombies or Vietnam, but you know what I mean.

Then comes the fourth volume of “Mice Templar,” entitled ‘Legend.’ This is the last volume of “Mice Templar,” so strap-in for a big fantasy finale as only someone like Bryan JL Glass can tell it. Come for the cute animals fighting a war too big for their world, stay for the fantastic art by Victor Santos.

Oh, and… what’s that? You want some new comics by Colleen Doran? Well, you’re in luck because —

Returning Favorites Bonus Round: A Distant Soil #39


Yes, you read that right. What began in 1983 and ended up at Image comics in 1996 is now finally moving towards a conclusion in 2013 as the 39th issue of “A Distant Soil” comes out from Image Comics. If this doesn’t end up as one of the biggest comics of the year, I will be shocked. Utterly and completely shocked.

story / art / cover COLLEEN DORAN
32 PAGES / BW / T+

15-year-old Liana now sits on the throne of the Avatar, a living weapon of mass destruction, the most powerful psionic in the universe. And she’s pointed directly at Earth.
Back after a six-year hiatus, the final chapter of the critically acclaimed space opera series begins in a bi-monthly release from Image/Shadowline

Hopefully some kind of omnibus is not far behind when the book reaches its final issue.

And if you’ve never read this series before, now is really the time to start.

Morning Glories: Season 2

$1. 32 pages. Lots of surprises in store. If you’ve been reading in trade, now is the perfect time to switch over to single issues, if only because then you can join us at Study Hall! Get your pre-orders in now.

The Earliest Candidate For Best New Series of 2013

Yes, yes, I know. High praise for a book that hasn’t even come out yet. But, really – Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta in a sci-fi dystopic western of some kind? It’s going to be amazing.

Just look at that cover and tell me you’re not excited to see what all the fuss is about.

The Earliest Candidate For Best Cover Of (At Least) April 2013 (If Not More)


That Sweet-Looking “Harvest” Hardcover

Here’s a thing that’s probably not too cool to say outloud: when “Harvest” #1 came out, I thought it was pretty damn great Michelle’s review backs me up on that. However, as soon as I read it, I knew that it would read “better” when completed, so I wrote the name down on a list I keep and have been since waiting for trade so I could read the whole thing in one sleek collection.

That time is now. That collection is here. Well, almost.

April will see the collection of an over-sized hardcover version of “Harvest,” featuring a gate-fold pull-out of the five interlocked series, and I don’t know about you but I can’t wait. The solicit reads, “If Dexter, ER & 100 Bullets had a three-way and that mind blowing tryst somehow resulted in a kid, that kid would read HARVEST.” I guess I’m that kid.

Spiders Are Only Mostly Scary

If our rave review of the self-published first issue of “Five Ghosts” didn’t get you excited enough to check out this series, maybe the stylized cover to the second issue will?

Unless you’re really afraid of spiders. I kind of am.

It’s early, and this is again based on wild speculation similar to my remarks regarding “East West,” but from all I’ve seen of “Five Ghosts” I’d throw a pre-order down if I were you. It’s easily going to be one of the coolest new books of the year, and seems like the type where you’ll be wanting many more issues past the initial five of this mini. Help make that happen with a pre-order!

Double the Eisma, Double the Fun

April’s issue of “Hoax Hunters” promises a flip-book issue, where the first half of the story contains the “on-air” story of the gang debunking another mystery, while the other shows what really happened. On top of that, we get two covers from Joe Eisma for each portion of the story (shown above). What do you think happens? And don’t you want to find out?

A point is also made that this is a good jumping on point for new readers. Maybe it’s time you do that too, if you haven’t already. You silly.

And So Much More

The solicit commentary for Image is always hard, and I’ve said that enough over the course of this column. There’s honestly just so much exciting stuff coming out from the company right now, and obviously if we’re not going to post every solicit here we’re going to miss a few. That’s the casualty of us posting solicit commentary instead of just the solicits.

Because of this, you don’t see me talking about stuff like the latest issues of “Mara,” “Manhattan Projects,” “Hell Yeah,” “Revival,” “Sex” and the “Witch Doctor” finale for volume two. It’s not out of lack of love for these books, assuredly; there’s just only so much we can spotlight in a given month before potentially diminishing the spotlight by spotlighting — … well, everything.

So check out the the full solicits for Image’s April when you get the chance and pre-order all the things I didn’t mention in addition to all the things I did. That’s the only way you’ll win April.

You’ll be poor, but it’ll probably be worth it if you really like comics. And you’ll be able to build a shelter out of hardcovers and trades!

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