20 Years of Hellboy, Artist by Artist [Art Feature]

Today, in case you’ve been under a rock all morning, is the 20th anniversary of the first appearance of Mike Mignola’s Hellboy. I think I speak for most of the Multiversity staff, when I say that Hellboy is one of the greatest characters in comics history; visually stunning, surprisingly funny, at times, touching. Part of what makes Hellboy such a great character is the consistently amazing Mignola artwork that usually accompanies his appearances. But that doesn’t tell the entire story.

Below, you will find an example of Hellboy drawn by, what is to our best estimate, most of, if not all of, the artists to officially drawn Hellboy throughout comics. These include Hellboy books proper, B.P.R.D. issues, crossovers, “Hellboy Animated” pieces, “Hellboy Junior,” and more. I’m sure we forgot some, so please let us know in the comments. Until then, enjoy what is, at least to this lowly editor, a collection of some of the best artists ever assembled, drawing our big red pal.

Note: The artists are presented alphabetically, not chronologically.

Also, special thanks to our resident Mignola expert Mark Tweedale for helping source these images

Jason Shawn Alexander

Mike Allred

Kia Asimiya

Paul Azaceta

Gabriel Ba

Art Baltazar

Hilary Barta

Scott Benefiel

John Byrne

Jo Chen

John Cassaday

Frank Cho

Dave Cooper

Richard Corben

Rick Cortes

Tyler Crook

Guy Davis

Lee Edwards

Duncan Fegredo

Gary Fields

Bob Fingerman

Max Fiumara

Sebastian Fiumara

Francesco Francavilla

Gary Gianni

Scott Hampton

James Harren

Tony Harris

Zach Howard

Michael Kaluta

Seung Kim

Rick Lacy

Fabio Laguna

Roger Langridge

Erik Larsen

Jason Latour

Rick Leonardi

Steve Lieber

Alex Maleev

Jeff Matsuda

Karl Moline

Scott Morse

Ovi Nedelcu

Phil Noto

Kevin Nowlan

Steve Parkhouse

Jason Pearson

Eric Powell

Steve Purcell

Humberto Ramos

P. Craig Russell

Galen Showman

Ryan Sook

Jim Starlin

Ben Stenbeck

Dave Stevens

Cameron Stewart

Tad Stones

William Stout

Craig Thompson

Jill Thompson

Francisco Ruiz Velasco

Andi Watson

Simeon Wilkins

J.H. Williams

Bill Wray

and Mike Mignola

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  • Stephen Wittmaak

    What? No Sean “Cheeks” Galloway?! 😉

  • w3stt0n

    Keep up the fantastic job!

  • Jamie Yost

    Look how far James Harren’s art has come!

    Does anyone know if Sam Keith has drawn Hellboy? That’s something I’d like to see.

  • Luke Parker

    There’s a few here i haven’t seen, there’s so many, i remember seeing a Frank Miller one before.

    • Jamie Yost

      He did an illustration that was featured in one of the very first trades.

      • Luke Parker

        Ahh, that’s it then. Those aren’t in the library editions. I think the only hellboy related book i’m missing is weird tales V1 or 2.

  • http://markrojas2.blogspot.com/ Mark Rojas

    SO MUCH HELLBOY! fantastic, lets get that third movie made!

    • Stephen Wittmaak

      I talked to Mignola at Heroe’s Con last year and it doesn’t look like a third movie is going to happen , at least from his perspective. Now Joe Golem movie….:)

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