The Top 5 Things To Look Forward To in Game of Thrones Season 4

Well, with Game of Thrones Season Three over and done with, it’s time to look ahead at what is coming with Season Four.

As a note, this is ostensibly all speculative but at the same time is full of potential spoilers. These things are picked based not only on what you can assume is coming but what people who have read “A Storm of Swords” since its original release over a decade ago know is coming. Therefore, if you have not read the books and care about spoilers, turn away now.

I won’t write as much as I usually do, though. I have a tendency to over-write things, and here I will be brief and to the point; book readers will certainly understand what I am referencing in the things I look forward to seeing. But while I will be as light as I can be when discussing specific things, it’s probably safe to say that if there is something that I am mentioning, it is bound to be something a non-reader can think about and make his or her own assumptions about.

So, read on at your own risk.

5. The Return of Needle

One of the most satisfying scenes in “A Storm of Swords” to me is when Arya is finally re-united with her particular instrument of destruction. Needle is important to Arya for many reasons, most particularly of which is that it is the last thing that she truly owns. A gift from her brother Jon, Needle is a special sword and it is her sword.

But some bad men took it away. And she’s going to get it back.

Art by Akizhao

4. Petyr and Lysa in the Eyrie

One of the amazing things about “A Storm of Swords” is how, for all intents and purposes, the book basically preys off of the naivety of the reader. After all, with as many huge things that happen (like the Red Wedding), you never really take into consideration that the twists and turns aren’t over. Worse, you think you’ve seen it all, that you know how low things can go and where the books depths lie.

But as Sansa and the readers will learn when she finally escapes with Petyr as he sails to the Eyrie, some truths are far more shocking than you’d naturally expect. And in terms of a finale, I imagine this moment will be one of the most discussed moments of Game of Thrones.

3. The Purple Wedding

I remarked in our review of Game of Thrones how disappointed I was that we didn’t get this in this season, but alas. It’s still coming.

There are going to be so many satisfied people upon watching this scene it’s not even funny. In fact, some people may even forgive aspects that they didn’t like about Season Three (like, you know, that other colorful wedding). George RR Martin is a cruel god, but he does reward those who wait. Apparently the show runners believe this as well, and I hope this happens right away in the fourth season. There’s a lot that has to happen here, and so much that has built up to this.

2. Tyrion and Tywin

Something that has been foreshadowed all season long is the conflict that is growing between father and son, seemingly reaching a boiling point in the finale of Season Three when Tywin announces that he let Tyrion live. I’m sure book readers noticed certain lines of dialogue in this sequence that have obvious ominous foreshadowing, but Tyrion and Tywin’s upcoming conflict is a big one, and while one thing the show will lack is some of the colorful language Martin utilizes here (something about gold, remember?), it will certainly be a very powerful moment in what will ostensibly be a tremendous new season.

That and the show has really built up Tyrion’s other relationships, particularly with Shae. You can really see why.

Art by John Picacio

1. The Red Viper vs the Mountain That Rides

Arguably the single best scene in the entire book, the Red Viper (who has not been cast) battling against the Mountain That Rides (who has been recast) is so amazing of a scene that seeing it performed on screen will be equivalent to that of a well-choreographed ballet. Hearing whoever they cast as Oberyn say those words — “You raped her. You murdered her. You killed her children!” I get chills just thinking about that whole passage.

It may be missing some of the power behind it due to certain historical aspects not having a big part in the show, but sod it all. If this isn’t the best part of the season, one that essentially defines how the story basically operates in its deconstruction of stereotypical hero and villain archetypes and the never-ending quest of good over evil, I may quit the show.

(Ok. I won’t. But, seriously, they better get this right!)

Well, that’s my Top 5. Obviously there are a lot of things not on this list that others are probably looking forward to. Chime in in the comments of what you’re hoping to see!

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User's Comments
  • Masked Man Issue 1

    Oh duuuuuuuude!!! ****SPOILERS AHEAD****

    Aside from the obvious three (your 3, 2 and 1 respectively), here are some:

    – The Lysa Arryn reveal. This has to be done well. And root it somehow on how all this shit got started. I was watching season one all over again, and it is heartbreaking to see some of the decisions that were made that brought us to where things are right now because of Lysa and Petyr. The implications and the links need to be very clear. that’s one of those moments, like you said, that after reading the Red Wedding you’re like it can’t get any worse, right? And then you read these pages and scream at the book: whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattt?!?!?!?!?

    – As I’ve stated to death (perhaps), I am looking forward to everything that has to do with Oberyn Martell, but as much as I look forward to his exit, I look forward to his entrance in that beautiful conversation with Tyrion. I hope they don’t edit much out, because I’d love the details of Oberyn and Tyrion’s very first encounter when Tyrion was just born to be discussed. Casting pending, that exchange should be one of those glorious moments in acting from next season.

    – Jon and Ygritte’s next encounter. And everything that happens around them, which is likely to be Episode 9. Now that the purple wedding is moved to season 4, there is material for like 8 dun-dun-dun moments and this is the least climatic of them all. And yet, it will be great to see.

    – Coldhands! Bran! Curious to see how much of Bran’s story they get into since there’s not that much left in the book. So… do they start borrowing from the next book(s)???? Does Rickon get 1-2 seasons off????

    – The forging of a certain sword (further crystalizing Tywin as a dick) and Jamie flicking him off with a golden finger, and giving it to Brienne along with a mission.

    – Jamie planning an escape and getting slapped across the face.

    – Arya finally getting to use her coin.

    – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Lady Blackheart! First scene in the season premiere? Final scene? In a way, I kind of wish Beric would hang around too, and just relinquish the leadership of the Brotherhood to her. But we’ll see. I just want to see Freys hanging from all the trees of Westeros!

    Oh man, Winter Is Coming (albeit after a long 10-month wait).

    • Matthew Meylikhov

      Lysa was number 4 on my list, yoooo

      And it’s Lady STONEheart :) I imagine that should be the final moment though, no? It was in the book.

      • Masked Man Issue 1

        I know Lysa was on your list, I just wanted to highlight the importance of how well they need to do it.

        And I don’t know if Lady Stoneheart should happen at the end. The revelatory hanging happens at the end of the book, but her “birth” happens right after (couple of days) the Red Wedding. So, it would make sense to have her show up at the beginning of the season. I was disappointed that they didn’t end with that (see comments in your full review of the episode).

  • Jukulele

    Honestly I think Viper vs. Mountain won’t be untli 5th season.

    • Matthew Meylikhov

      Then you should watch the trailers for season 4, my friend!

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