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    See Katie Skelly’s “The Humans” Pinup, Enter Our Humans Art Contest

    By | March 4th, 2015
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    Katie Skelly's The Humans pinup

    All week as part of our art contest for “The Humans”, we’ll be revealing pinups from next week’s release of “The Humans” Volume One from Keenan Marshall Keller, Tom Neely and Image Comics, and today, it’s my personal favorite of the lot. It’s from Katie Skelly, the artist behind “Nurse Nurse” and “Operation Margarine”, and it’s a really fantastic piece that stands out even amidst the cadre of other great artists who contributed pieces for this book.

    And you could contribute a piece yourself. All you have to do is enter our art contest that’s running until March 9th and maybe, just maybe, you could see your piece in “The Humans”, as well as:

    First Place: Signed copies of “The Humans” Vol. 1 and “The Humans” #0, a Humans t-shirt, a Humans patch, and your pinup will be featured in an upcoming issue or collection of the book

    Second Place: Signed copy of “The Humans” Vol. 1 and a Humans t-shirt and patch

    Third Place: Signed copy of “The Humans” Vol. 1 and a Humans patch

    All you have to do is create a Humans related piece of art, submit it to humansforlife@gmail.com by March 9th, and if Keller, Neely and Kristina Collantes select you, you could win one hell of a Humans swag bag. The only rule is you can’t be a professional artist. Otherwise, go wild, and good luck! We’re looking forward to seeing you art.

    David Harper

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