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    The Winners to “The Humans” Art Contest Are Revealed

    By | March 16th, 2015
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    A couple weeks back to celebrate the release of Tom Neely and Keenan Michael Keller’s “The Humans” Vol. 1 collections, we hosted an art contest for the book to be judged by the creative team, and we’re very pleased to share that a) you all came through and b) we have some very talented readers (or at least “The Humans” does). In fact, there were so many great entries, the team selected an additional three honorable mentions alongside the first prize winner, two (!!) second prize winners and a third prize winner. There’s some great swag for the winners, and honorable mentions themselves will be winning a Humans patch AND a creepy hug from Karns, which is always nice.

    But enough of me yakking. You can check out the winners below:

    Art by Chris Rien

    First Prize: Chris Rien

    Art by James Dufresne

    Second Prize (tie): James Dufresne

    Art by Steve Rieck

    Second Prize (tie): Steve Rieck

    Art by Mike Foxall

    Third Prize: Mike Foxall

    Art by Joe Lozano

    Honorable Mention: Joe Lozano

    Art by Michelle McLean

    Honorable Mention: Michelle McLean

    Art by John Mansfield

    Honorable Mention: John Mansfield

    The creative team wanted to share their thanks, which you can read below:

    The judges (Keenan, Tom, Kristina and Karns) would like to sincerely thank all of the entries. We were overwhelmed with all of the wonderful art and we loved every one of them. You are all Humans for Life! We hope to feature all of the entries on our website humansforlife.com soon.

    Congrats to all of the winners, and thanks to everyone for entering the contest.

    David Harper

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