Valiant (Re)visions: Win a Signed Copy of “X-O Manowar” #1!

This contest is now over! Thanks to everyone who entered, and congratulations to the winner.

For comic fans who look fondly back to the 90’s era of comics, today is a pretty huge day. Valiant Comics is back in a big way, as their first new title in quite some time – the relaunched and revamped “X-O Manowar” – arrives with a well-reviewed first issue from the stellar team of writer Robert Venditti (“The Surrogates”) and artist Cary Nord (“Conan the Barbarian”).

To help build on the excitement of that launch, we have a special contest to coincide with our birthday. Do you want a signed – by both Venditti and Nord – copy of “X-O Manowar” #1? All you have to do is this: comment on this post with which Valiant title you are most looking forward to OR the Valiant title you most want to come back along with your email, and you might be our lucky randomly drawn winner. Entries must be in by Thursday at Noon, EST. The winner will be notified shortly thereafter.

It’s easy enough, my friends. So leave us a comment, and get ready for plenty more exciting content from the “Valiant (Re)visions” team of myself and fellow MC writer Chad Bowers. We’re going to be putting up a lot of content from here on out about our friends at Valiant.

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About The AuthorChad BowersChad Bowers has been reading comics for most of his life. His transition from fan to professional is a work in progress. He’s the co-founder of ACTION AGE COMICS, creator of the webcomic MONSTER PLUS, co-creator of AWESOME HOSPITAL, THE HARD ONES, and DOWN SET FIGHT (coming soon from Oni Press) with Chris Sims. He reviews comics, writes G.I. JoeVersity, and co-hosts The Hour Cosmic for Multiversity Comics! If you've got nothing better to do, you can follow him on Twitter or Tumblr.

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User's Comments
  • Jamal Khan

    I am really looking forward to this relaunch. I had quit comics during Valiants’ heyday and was tempted by it’s popularity to return to comics. (I only returned permanently in 2011) I am, however, must excited for Bloodshot. The covers look incredible and the previews of the interior art may make it a title I add permanently to my pull list
    Jamal aka Peter Parker

    • Jamal Khan

      correction, doh! ie
      I add permanently to my pull list.
      I MAY add permanently to my pull list.
      it’s early

    • Matthew Meylikhov

      Having never read Valiant before, I agree on Bloodshot. Those covers are great.

  • kyle shipcott


  • jeff pierce

    Harbinger –

  • Ryan Marron

    Harbinger –

  • Toby Kernan

    Archer &, though Harbinger is a close second…

  • Dan Moler

    X-O #1 was fantastic. I cannot wait for more. All the summer of Valiant titles look great. Looking forward to Harbinger the most.

  • Frank Fuentes

    I’m looking forward to reading more of X-O Manowar. The first issued (and not to mention the amazing fan engagement done by Valiant via social media) made me into a fan. After reading the preview of Harbinger at the end of Manowar, I’m looking forward to that as well.

  • seth dehaan

    I don’t have any history with it, but I’m intrigued by Harbinger!

  • Tony

    Definately, Harbinger.

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