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    Win a Sketched-In Version Of Luther Strode! [Contest]

    By | May 14th, 2012
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    This contest is now over! Thanks to everyone who entered, and congratulations to the winner.

    Another week, another batch of contests for you. Today’s comes with a twist though: we’re going to have two winners.

    Here’s the deal: we have a copy of “The Strange Talent of Luther Strode” vol. 1 with an exclusive sketch inside by Tradd Moore. We also have a copy of “The Strange Talent of Luther Strode” #6 exclusive Larry’s/Jetpack Comics variant, also with an exclusive sketch by Tradd Moore. Two books, two sketches, two winners.

    How are we doing this? Simple: all you have to do is comment on this post with your strange talent and e-mail address, and two winners will be chosen at random. A first-place winner will be chosen at random and will be allowed to choose the trade or the comic. A second-place winner will then be given the item not chosen. (It’s slightly sloppy second-ish, but you’re still winning either way.) The contest runs from now until Noon EST tomorrow, where the winners will be e-mailed in order.

    Not sure what “Luther Strode” is all about? Here’s a preview:

    So, what kind of strange talent do you have?

    Matthew Meylikhov

    Once upon a time, Matthew Meylikhov became the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Multiversity Comics, where he was known for his beard and fondness for cats. Then he became only one of those things. Now, if you listen really carefully at night, you may still hear from whispers on the wind a faint voice saying, "X-Men Origins: Wolverine is not as bad as everyone says it issss."


    • mikeyzjames@gmail.com

      My strange talent is I’m an armadillo whisperer. They bow to my soothing voice.

    • Chuck


      I have a few strange talents. I can roll my tongue and bend my tongue. I also have a condiment cough. If I eat ketchup or other vinegar based condiment, I have a small uncontrollable cough, every time. I can also identify Western Pennsylvania birds by their call or song alone.

    • I can spend hours totally motionless and disengaged from reality.


    • Coonsrc

      My strange talent is judging other people’s strange talents. You all need improvement.


    • ash

      I catch plates when my dad throws them at me.


    • i never forget a face.


    • Vince Spallino

      I win every contest I enter. It’s a gift and a burden.


    • Zagra

      I can wiggle my ears.


    • My strange talent involves a pair of strange talons where my feet used to be.

      keithgrauman (at) gmail (dot) com

    • Patrick A Powell

      I can crack my fingers continuously


    • Robin

      I’m really good at attracting crazy women. Not the good crazy kind, more of the cut your clothes in half and put your cat in the tumbledryer kind.


    • Enrique

      i am always wrong


    • maria

      making others smile


    • Louisharris12
    • Rogersmatt198509

      I have the amazing ability to have my dog throw a stack while i run to retrieve it for him.


    • Aslichi

      I can read peoples thoughts just by thinking about them.

    • Jonathan Rodriguez

      My strange talent? The ability to tolerate my boring ass job.


    • Mariano Abrach

      I can turn off the alarm clock while asleep marianoabrach@gmail.com

    • Daniel Soria

      I can crack every articulation in my body as well as I produce a huge and unusual amount of spit


    • Sinx

      When I’ve been drinking, I have the uncanny ability to scale trees, houses, and semi tractor-trailers.


    • my strange talent is being able to say swear words really loud


    • gypsylibrarian

      My Google-Fu is strong and powerful.

      maverick.librarian AT gmail DOT com

    • Mike Prost

      I can speak russian… in French. mikeyprost@yahoo.com

    • Stephen Fell

      I have the strange talent of always being right at my job, much to everyone annoyance.

    • Dr Orlof

      I can guess how many toes someone has with 99.9788675% accuracy. dr.orlof@gmail.com

    • JEFF B

      The Strange Talent of Being Incredibly Adequate at Everything I Do


    • I can find links between characters in Game Of Thrones and everyone I work (and have worked) with.

    • JGonzalezArt

      I remember faces and voices really well and can list relations like the car they drive, where I’ve seen without having to ever have engaged them in any way.


    • Kakooee

      I can teach baby alligators to speak…strange talent indeed…


    • I can do different voices.

    • I can show up late to work everyday and never get in trouble for it. mononokifool@yahoo.com


      I have the ability to alienate myself from women by using Dwight Schrute quotes as pick up lines.

    • Jamal Khan

      double jointed AND ambidextrous!
      now i’m getting loads of spam by entering all these contests!

    • Ztmdrawer

      I can clap with one hand.


    • Steven Wilcox

      I have a vast knowledge of trivial things. I also draw a lot. StevenWilcoxArtist@gmail.com

    • Smurfzilla

      I can lick my elbow

    • I have always had a knack for getting strangers to tell me their secrets and personal business.

      wilbarr17 at gmail dot com

    • Justin Pulu

      I have a pretty sharp memory. Names,hearing a song and naming it, and etc. then there’s times when I can’t find my keys for 30 mins and I’m late for work.

    • I want to read this. looks interesting. twigshere@yahoo.ca

    • I have the strange talent of talking to extra-dimensional beings not of this world. Thebaker805@gmail.com

    • Detective_derek

      I can yell like a wookiee


    • Spasian03

      Uhhhh I have a double jointed jaw. Though I wouldn’t call that talent. Ummm how about I have a keen ear of recognizing most actors voices and voice actors on shows, commercials, etc, etc.


    • Stephen B.

      I got straight A’s my final year of college using only Wikipedia, and was then chosen as the student speaker spot as a reward.


    • My strange talent is that I can make an uncanny pig sound.


    • Wayne Fuller

      Squirrel Whisperer wayne4epic@aol.com

    • Jason

      I can easily sleep 16 hours a day. Easily.

    • Jeff

      The ability to move objects with my mind via my hand.
      jeffsforwarding at gmail dot com

    • The Uncanny Ability to Win Contests supermarc@gmail.com

    • Darren Skyhighcomics

      my strange talent is on my right hand i have a loose jointed middle finger. When i straighten out and make my fingers rigid…and like shake my hand around, my middle finger only shakes all over the place with it…the ladies love it hehe darren.skyhighcomics@gmail.com

    • I can complete a Rubik’s Cube?… eamer.v2@gmail.com

    • Andrew Harner

      I have a strange talent of reading Multiversity Comics everyday. aaharner@gmail.com

    • Jim Valliere

      I haVe a strange talent of staying married. No matter how childish and ridiculous I am. Jim.valliere28@gmail.com

    • Ryannakanishi

      I manage to piss off my fiancé with out trying!!! It’s not as awesome of a talent as it sounds 🙁

    • My strange talent is an uncanny ability to quiet small children by outfitting their dolls in small doll-like clothing. My email is keith.silva@uvm.edu

    • Tony M

      I can sweat in sub-zero temperatures…acm5278@aol.com

    • Bookofdisquiet

      I have the strange talent of teaching 23 kids everyday, and somehow we all make it home in one piece everyday.


    • My strange talent is being able to get angry at any and everything in the entire world!


    • Nathanial Perkins

      My strange talent is NSFW! By that, I mean I’m good at getting fired. 🙁


    • Phuck_milk_gimmie_beer

      My strange talent is to find every single typo, punctuation, and run on sentence in any book. Not to mention I can also tell you every single scene that would be different watching a movie Full Screen compared to Wide Screen.

    • Garthj

      I have the uncanny and unwanted ability to always choose the slowest line in the supermarket.

    • I got the strange talent of never winning a contest on this site.


    • Livelobstr

      I have the strange talent of being able to finish other people’s sentences. livelobstr@yahoo.com

    • My pancreas stopped working, I have the strange talent of choosing weather or not to use insulin to allow sugar in my blood to be used by my cells!


    • AE

      I have the strange talent of anti-time, making my day vanish before I can accomplish much of anything I want to. It’s wonderful, let me tell you…

      absentelements at gmail dot com

    • Andrew Barnhart

      admantium claws pop out of my feet andrewrbarnhart@gmail.com

    • Nick

      I have the strange talent to be able to consume alcohol and make a fool of myself

    • Riley

      i have the strange talent of changing my voice via a generator that’s installed in my chest. i am completely serious. that just happens to be an awesome side-effect of it’s real purpose.

    • Tom

      I have a talent to spend all day reading websites like this one when I’m supposed to be working without getting caught. tomfry001@hotmail.com

    • Dark Chris

      My strange talent is reading comics that aren’t good, only because I want to review them.


    • Mikec3po

      The ability to not see color the way everyone else does. I’m colorblind. Mikec3po@gmail.com

    • Carlo

      The ability to travel forward in time at 1 second a second


    • Silenciokm82

      Eating and thinking at the same time!!! Awesome!!!

    • the ability to post comments on any article, no matter how drunk. enslavedimmortal@gmail.com

      also, the inability to realize that those contest is already over. Sad face. Got a pity prize? Maybe I’ll just take this here no-prize with me, then.