Win a Top Cow Rebirth Prize Pack! [Contest]

This contest is now over! Thanks to everyone who entered, and congratulations to the winner.

Top Cow and Multiversity have (at least) two things in common. First, we both happen to have our rebirths coinciding with each other. Secondly, we want to celebrate our rebirths by sharing an exciting prize with you!

One lucky winner will get the following prize pack courtesy of Top Cow Productions: all three of the Artifacts series so far in trade as well as every Rebirth tie-in published since,including Witchblade and The Darkness!

What do you have to do to win, you ask? Simple: along with your email, tell us which artifact you would want to be the wielder of in the comments below. Do you want to command little darklings like Jackie Estacado? Do you want to be the balance of power like the Witchblade? Perhaps you’d like hold the Spear of Destiny like Magdalena? Let us know! The contest will run until noon EST tomorrow (that’s Friday, the 18th!) and the winner will be chosen at random and contacted shortly after.

What are you waiting for? Get to commenting!

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User's Comments
  • Jamal Khan
  • Dark Chris

    The Darkness.

  • Charles

    The Darkness.

  • kyle shipcott

    Wheel of Shadows

  • Tony M

    Wheel of Shadows

  • Grimgary

    The Angelus, I mean how put-off would everyone be if there was a dude at the helm of this power.

  • Mike Ohsfeldt

    The Glacier Stone.

    Mike.ohsfeldt @

  • Carlo

    Wheel of shadows

  • Jon

    The Glacier Stone

  • Thomas Smith
  • Jake Greene

    The Darkness

  • Jorgaartsen
  • Garbhanb

    The Witchblade, be the first successful male wielder.

  • DarklyDanie

    I really don’t feel like there is even a contest for a bad ass wannabe like me. The Witchblade owns my soul. Although all the artifacts are pretty wicked the visual identity of the Witchblade is something I would covet.

    Danie Hermes

  • Ctx2smiths

    I would want the Spear of Destiny because it can go up against the Darkness and other magical users. Also it may have been one of the leading factor of why Hitler killed himself when the Magdalena used it to show him all of his sins!

  • Derek

    The Ember Stone.

  • Jim Hayes

    Gotta go with the Darkness!

  • Juan Veron

    I want to be wielder of The Darkness and spawn little Darklings to chomp on you!

  • Allison Milwid

    I’d love to wield the Witchblade and be the balance. I’m sure I’d have to argue with it about as much as Sara did sometimes.

  • Rhviso

    I’d want the power of creation that the darkness has. costume is pretty bad ass too.

  • Kyle McLaughlin

    I would want to wield the Glacier Stone.

  • Ultron84

    I think it would be cool to wield the Rapture.

  • Batgrl1970

    The Witchblade. Balance is the probably the most difficult concept to master.

  • Artimuscrackfrog

    The Darkness. You can even be bought back from hell!

  • Juha Veltti

    I’ll go with Darkness! Good luck to Top Cow for the new launch!

  • Mikeyzjames

    Darkness, no doubt.

  • Chris

    The Witchblade! I would probably turn out like Kenneth Irons though.

  • Stuart Davis

    The Witchblade. Seems like a great way to pick up chicks.

  • dan

    Darkness is favorite Artifacts and series

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