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    Win Some Signed Chew Comics! [Contest]

    By | May 23rd, 2012
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    This contest is now over! Thanks to everyone who entered, and congratulations to the winner.

    You thought we were done with contests? Oh no, sir and madam. Far from it! With both “Chew” #26 in stores today and an exclusive look at “Secret Agent Poyo”, we decided today would be an excellent day to give away some “Chew” comic books. You do like those, right? Of course you do. So how would you like to win some free signed editions of “Chew”?

    So here’s the skinny: we’ve got 13 issues of “Chew” signed and waiting to be delivered to homes, ranging from issues #8 to #25. Amongst those, we’ve got the limited edition SDCC glow in the dark variant, and also a trade paperback copy of “Puffed,” an early work of co-creator John Layman’s. So with all these comics to give away, we’re going to have five winners for today’s contest! One lucky winner walks home with the variant, one with the trade, and three more with a random assortment of “Chew” issues!

    Want to be one of these winners? Then buckle up, because the entry is simple: tell us in the comments below your favorite food along with your e-mail. We’ll pick a winner at random and notify them by e-mail. The contest runs until 12 PM EST tomorrow, so get entering!

    Have at it, folks — what puts the “om” in your nom?

    Matthew Meylikhov

    Once upon a time, Matthew Meylikhov became the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Multiversity Comics, where he was known for his beard and fondness for cats. Then he became only one of those things. Now, if you listen really carefully at night, you may still hear from whispers on the wind a faint voice saying, "X-Men Origins: Wolverine is not as bad as everyone says it issss."