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    Reader Poll: Which Was Better, “Action Comics” #1000 or “Detective Comics” #1000?

    By | March 29th, 2019
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    DC marked Batman’s birthday this week with the release of “Detective Comics” #1000, which featured an all-star line-up of creators telling their own stories to mark 80 years since the Caped Crusader’s debut – just like last year’s “Action Comics” #1000, a special anthology issue that celebrated 80 years of the Man of Steel. Given the longstanding bromance/rivalry between Superman and Batman, we couldn’t help but wonder: which milestone issue did you prefer?

    Were you were left more excited by the start of Brian Michael Bendis’s “Action” run in last year’s special issue, or did you find it underwhelming next to the DCU debut of the Arkham Knight this week? Which was simply a better collection of stories? Hopefully you’ll have plenty of time this weekend to read both issues and decide which to vote for below; and as always, be sure to leave us a comment too, to let us know why you preferred that landmark comic.

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