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    Reader Poll: Are You Feeling “Doomsday Clock?”

    By | October 13th, 2017
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    A week ago today, DC released its “Doomsday Clock” ashcan ahead of the first issue’s release next month. For those that have been sailing on the Black Freighter for the last few years, “Doomsday Clock” is where the characters from the DC Universe meet the characters from “Watchmen.” This has, for good reason, caused a lot of skepticism and excitement on all sides of the comics discourse. Until last week, all of that was 100% pure speculation, based on solicitations, interviews, and fan theories.

    But now, we have some tangible evidence of the book. The ashcan, though obviously incomplete, gives a pretty good sense of, at least, how the book begins. While it is still very early to make any concrete judgments, that’s never stopped us in the past! Are you entering into “Doomsday Clock” with a positive or negative outlook? Vote in our reader poll and let us know why you voted the way you did in the comments!

    Are You Feeling “Doomsday Clock?”

    Absolutely, bring it on!0%
    No thank you.0%
    I don’t care at all. 0%
    [Check this box only if you are Dr. Manhattan, and already know exactly how this book will progress]0%

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