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    Reader Poll: What is the Biggest Retcon in Comics?

    By | August 9th, 2019
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    We’re not the spoiling type, but let’s just say that “House of X” #2 was both a great comic, and also included a pretty huge retcon for the X-books. For those unaware, retcon is a portmanteau of ‘retroactive continuity,’ the process by which an old story is changed/amended by new storytelling. It’s not a retcon to have something new change a character’s story (like Jason Todd being resurrected after the Joker killed him), but rather something revealed after the fact that changes the story (like how Donna Troy has been Wonder Woman’s sister, Wonder Woman’s younger self, and everything in between).

    We had a lively discussion in the Multiversity Slack yesterday about this topic that almost led to senior editor Brian throwing his laptop out a window, but we think we’ve come up with a concise list of the retcons that a) affected the original stories the most and b) had implications that led it to stick around a long time, c) affected more than just the title in which the retcon took place.

    So, of our list, which is the biggest retcon? Vote in the poll, sound off in the comments, and then check back on Monday to see which won the poll!

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