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    Reader Poll: How are You Irresponsibly Spending Your Money Today?

    By and | November 24th, 2017
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    While I am sure that lots of our readers are hitting the malls today, here’s a little secret: comiXology is having some stupidly good sales today. DC has all of its collections at $5 – whether that is your standard “Batman Rebirth” Vol 1 or the 400+ page “Mister Miracle by Jack Kirby” book. Marvel has some of its recent collections for as little as $1.99, including volumes of the current “Amazing Spider-Man” run. BOOM! and Image have heavily discounted trades, IDW is doing an insane “Transformers” sale, and the ‘Indie Sci-Fi’ sale has me itching to drop a mortgage payments on some new books.

    So, how are you going to splurge today? Vote in our reader poll, and let us know what you picked up in the comments!

    What comics sale are you taking advantage of this Black Friday?

    DC’s “all-trades are $5” sale0%
    Dark Horse’s line-wide 50% off sale0%
    Dynamite’s line-wide 50% sale0%
    Marvel’s Best of 2017 sale0%
    Marvel’s collection sale0%
    Indie Sci-Fi sale0%
    IDW’s Transformers Mega sale0%
    Image’s Black Friday sale0%
    BOOM’s Black Friday sale0%

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