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Welcome back to Boomb Tube! Here, we will be catching you up on the week in comics TV, both through micro-reviews, as well as links to our full-length TV reviews. We also tend to review series that are dropped all at once weekly so there are a few ‘older’ shows mixed in for good measure. Are we missing your favorite show? Let us know in the comments!

With the TV season coming to a close for the year, we’ll be taking a short break after this edition. Don’t worry, we’ll be back in the new year to continue some shows, start up some more, and catch you up on the reviews that will continue in our five thoughts format throughout December. In the meantime, check out all our end of year coverage! There may even be some TV in there 😉

See you in 2023!

Dead End: Paranormal Park – “Going Up” (S2E9, NETFLIX)

Don’t let the image I picked fool you, that was an excellent, excellent episode. It’s everything I could’ve wanted from the penultimate episode of the season even if it wasn’t a musical like last season. There was action! There were revelations! There were so many great jokes! GORD IN THE TOILET!!!! And the return of so many past one-off characters, like Evil Barney, Norma and the Evil Spoon. The Evil Spoon! I will never not love that gag.

And the background design of floor 4. So GOOD. I love the way each plane is made distinct not only in atmosphere but also the color palettes and aesthetic qualities to them. Gold & purple & white. What a combo.

Oh! There was also a pointed jab at the US carceral system and carceral systems in general and even a proletarian revolution. It went about as well as it does here (thanks Biden) in the US but still, it proves the power of 2 sandwiches is powerful. By the way, watching this during a week when strikes happened or continue to happen at the NYT, HarperCollins, the UC Schools and the New & Parsons Schools made the text just that little bit more impactful.

What a way to structure an episode that reveals the Angels of this universe to be paternalistic control-freaks aka Capitalist Bosses. We already kinda knew this but this put it all into relief. Whoever called Courtney being a fallen angel, well done. I…kinda already knew from the comics. Whoops.

But that’s not the biggest reveal in “Going Up.” Oh no no no. That happened with the cliffhanger ending that has me pumped for the finale. Who is The Watcher? Well, comics fans already know but dang if the show doesn’t make the reveal feel just as, if not more, powerful even with the knowledge that it is a magically juiced up Pugsly from (if I’m reading the context right) the future that’s also the past because time is an illusion on this plane.

Get ready for a difficult finale y’all. Let’s get to it. – Elias Rosner

Star Trek: Prodigy – “Ghost in the Machine” (S1E17, Paramount+)

Read our full review by Chris Egan

Stargirl – “Frenemies – Chapter Thirteen: Reckoning” (S3E13, The CW)

Read our full review of the season 3 finale by Brian Salvatore.

Wednesday – “Friend or Woe” (S1E3, Netflix)

It’s Outreach Day for Nevermore Academy, so the kids get to make a trip to Jericho and help out local businesses. Although it’s a ploy to show a fake bridge between the school and town, it’s also a chance for Wednesday to continue her research into Rowan’s murder and perhaps some background on her visions. She only knows thus far that the mysterious woman from her visions looks precisely like her. After switching work spots with her roommate Enid, Wednesday gets her chance to look around the “closed” spots of Pilgrim World, the supposed historical spot in town. Eugene, the replacement Pugsley of Nevermore, helps her discover that the “historical site” is a tourist trap and the actual site is an abandoned house in the woods where homeless and drug addicts hang out.

Continuing with the trend of sneaking out and doing stuff on her own, Wednesday goes to the abandoned house and gets a vision with all the information she’s been looking for. It turns out the woman in her vision is an ancestor of hers named Goody Addams, who was set to be burned alive by Jericho’s founder, Joseph Crackstone. The town founder wasn’t such a good guy and wanted to burn anyone who either stood against him or seemed “weird.” After the vision, Wednesday also encounters the monster she’s been trying to find that killed Rowan and finds footsteps that show it can shift back into human form, a new clue into the mystery. Xavier happens to be at the site at the same time as her, and he claims to have overheard it when she was in the cafe. Still, in the final minutes of the show, it’s revealed he has some significant scratches on the back of his neck, so he remains a suspect for the mystery monster. -Alexander Manzo

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