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    Reader Poll: Which Rob Liefeld Post-Marvel Creation is Your Favorite?

    By | August 2nd, 2019
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    Say what you want about Rob Liefeld, because it has probably all been said before. One of the more controversial figures in comics that still has managed a 30+ year career, Liefeld can have a lot levied against him. But one thing that even his harshest critics must agree on is that the dude is passionate about what he does, and truly cares about his creations.

    That is what makes the story of Liefeld losing the rights to “Youngblood” truly sad. Liefeld took to his Facebook and wrote a lengthy, detailed account of exactly what happened, but it boils down to bad business decisions made by former partners. Regardless, seeing “Youngblood” in any hands other than Liefeld’s feels wrong in some way.

    But, of course, Liefeld didn’t just create Badrock and co. He created some truly iconic characters that both he and others (Alan Moore, Brandon Graham, Joe Keatinge, Tim Seeley, Mark Millar, Robert Kirkman) have made some great titles from. So, we want to know, what is your favorite Liefeld creation? Vote in our Reader Poll, and check back on Monday for the results!

    Note: Due to various conflicting reports on his Marvel co-creations, we are only dealing in his Image/Extreme/Awesome books.

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