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    Reader Poll: What is Your Favorite Romance Comic?

    By | February 14th, 2020
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    It’s Valentine’s Day, so you know what that means: people complaining about the Hallmark holiday, couples spending twice as much on the same dinner they would get next week, and more pink and red everywhere you go. But it also a great day to celebrate romance comics, an underutilized genre that was once the backbone of the comics industry.

    Now, for our list, we played a little fast and loose with the rules. We included some superhero stuff, some comedic stuff, and even some horror, but all of it has the thread of love at the center. So, yes, there are some other comics that maybe fit the bill a little more squarely, these are some of our favorites.

    So, vote in the poll, and let us know which if your favorite romance comics we forgot in the comments! Check back on Monday for the results, and try to limit your chocolate intake today.

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