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    Reader Poll: Who is Your Favorite Spider-Man Love Interest?

    By | June 7th, 2019
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    For someone that has a pretty established love interest, Peter Parker has dated a lot of ladies in the Marvel Universe. This week saw the release of “Black Cat” #1, and she is one of the more prominent dates Parker has had over his time under the mask. So, this got us to thinking: who is the best love interest for Spidey?

    You’ve got the woman whose loss haunted him, Gwen Stacy. You’ve got his wife, who was Mysterio’d out of the picture, Mary Jane. You’ve got his Daily Bugle cohort, Betty Brant. Then, there’s Carlie Cooper, Peter’s first major girlfriend after his marriage was Quesada’d away.

    So, which one is your favorite? I know MJ is the obvious choice, but I’m curious to see who the fan’s consensus is. After you vote, hit up the comments and defend your choices!

    And yes, we almost included the Human Torch. This close.

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