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Reader Poll: What is Your Favorite X-Men Run?

By | May 17th, 2019
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Earlier this week, the full scope of Jonathan Hickman’s X-Men project was revealed and boy, are we excited. The X-books are one of the most naturally isolated in all of mainstream comics, and can get whipped into shape in really interesting and unique ways in a totally different way than, say, Batman or the Avengers can. The natural silo around them allows for strong creative voices to come in and really shake things up and, it appears, that Hickman is going to do just that.

So, that got us thinking about some of the prior runs that we know and love. Some of these runs are divisive, others have as close to universal acclaim as a mainstream comics series can have. We should also note that we tried to pare down the enormous list by restricting it to just books that had “X-Men” in the title, so no “X-Factor,” “X-Force,” “Generation X,” “Excalibur,” etc.

What are you waiting for? Vote in our Reader Poll, and sound off in the comments defending your pick!

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