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Reader Poll: What Comic Hellscape Did 2017 Most Resemble?

By and | December 29th, 2017
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We’ll level with you, folks: 2017 was a bad year. Sure, some good stuff happened in our personal lives, plus we got a great Star Wars movie, but overall, this year can suck all the eggs. What we want to know today is, which comic best depicted/felt like this garbage year?

Is it the hopeless, bleak world of “Watchmen?” Is the media influence and saturation of “The Nightly News” hitting too close to home? We’ve put together eight titles that all, in some way, feel as bleak – or bleaker, if you can believe it ! – as 2017 did. Vote in our Reader Poll, and we’ll see you in 2018!

What Comic Hellscape Did 2017 Most Resemble?

The Invisibles0%
The Massive0%
The Nightly News0%
V for Vendetta 0%
The Private Eye0%

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