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    Reader Poll: Which ‘Missing’ DC Book Do You Want to See First?

    By | January 19th, 2018
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    During our chat with Dan DiDio late last year, he mentioned that there are three ‘missing’ DC series that fans are always asking about: “Justice Society of America,” “Legion of Super-Heroes,” and “Shazam.” We’re with the fans – these are the three glaring omissions from the DC stable, and while all have had some sort of presence over the past six years since “Flashpoint,” none have felt like the important cornerstones that those characters should represent. The JSA is the first superhero team, the Legion are the most indelible visions of the DCU future, and Captain Marvel once outsold Superman in comics. While all three have had moments of DC import, it’s been awhile for all three, and ‘Rebirth’ seemed like the perfect time for all three.

    But ‘Rebirth’ is over, and this unnamed new status quo is still missing these concepts. But, according to DiDio, they are on their way, sooner or later. So, which one do you want to see first? Which of these three really get you excited, or feel like the biggest absence? Vote in our reader poll, and explain your choice in the comments!

    Which ‘Missing’ DC Book Do You Want to See First?

    Legion of Super-Heroes0%
    Justice Society of America0%

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