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    Reader Poll: Does Bendis Writing Superman Excite You?

    By | February 2nd, 2018
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    While it is undoubtedly the biggest name defection in a generation, it is hard to pinpoint just how big of a deal it is that Brian Michael Bendis is now at DC. The man who, for the past 17 years, has defined a huge chunk of the 616 will now be taking the reigns of the Superman line, writing both “Superman” and “Action Comics.” He is already talking about new characters, building on the past two years of Jurgens/Tomasi/Gleason stories, and the differences between the two books. It seems like Bendis has a pretty concrete plan for the Super books.

    But Bendis is a polarizing writer; for everyone who loved “Ultimate Spider-Man,” there are the jokes about his decompressed storytelling and overly quizzical/repetitious dialogue. Bendis at DC is a big deal because of what it represents, but not necessarily because it means that his books will be a slam dunk success.

    So, what does it do for you? Are you going to be buying the Superman books now, even if you weren’t before? Does this send you running from Metropolis? Are you a Clark fan, regardless of who is writing his adventures? Vote in our reader poll, and explain your answer in the comments!

    Does Bendis Writing Superman Excite You?

    I’m not going to read Superman stories, no matter who is writing the books0%
    I will read Superman books regardless of who is writing them.0%
    I wasn’t reading the Superman titles, but will because of Bendis.0%
    I was reading the Superman books, but won’t now that Bendis is writing them. 0%
    I was already reading Superman, but am happy/excited that Bendis is now on board.0%
    I’m still holding out for a sequel to “Grounded” by JMS.0%

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