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    Reader Poll: Does Bendis Writing Superman Excite You?

    By | February 2nd, 2018
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    While it is undoubtedly the biggest name defection in a generation, it is hard to pinpoint just how big of a deal it is that Brian Michael Bendis is now at DC. The man who, for the past 17 years, has defined a huge chunk of the 616 will now be taking the reigns of the Superman line, writing both “Superman” and “Action Comics.” He is already talking about new characters, building on the past two years of Jurgens/Tomasi/Gleason stories, and the differences between the two books. It seems like Bendis has a pretty concrete plan for the Super books.

    But Bendis is a polarizing writer; for everyone who loved “Ultimate Spider-Man,” there are the jokes about his decompressed storytelling and overly quizzical/repetitious dialogue. Bendis at DC is a big deal because of what it represents, but not necessarily because it means that his books will be a slam dunk success.

    So, what does it do for you? Are you going to be buying the Superman books now, even if you weren’t before? Does this send you running from Metropolis? Are you a Clark fan, regardless of who is writing his adventures? Vote in our reader poll, and explain your answer in the comments!

    Does Bendis Writing Superman Excite You?

    I’m not going to read Superman stories, no matter who is writing the books0%
    I will read Superman books regardless of who is writing them.0%
    I wasn’t reading the Superman titles, but will because of Bendis.0%
    I was reading the Superman books, but won’t now that Bendis is writing them. 0%
    I was already reading Superman, but am happy/excited that Bendis is now on board.0%
    I’m still holding out for a sequel to “Grounded” by JMS.0%

    Brian Salvatore

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    • Sal Falletta

      I have been enjoying most of the Superman books since Rebirth; but I think the Jurgen’s trip down Memory Lane has become stale so I welcome Bendis on Action. I do have some reservations about the way Bendis will handle Jonathan Kent and Superman’s family life going forward.

    • realbigexplosion

      Apparently I’m the only idiot to choose the joke choice so far.

    • Michael E. McKean

      Mixed response. My main experience with Bendis is Ultimate Spider-Man, both Peter and Miles. And, outside of crazy events that destroy destroyed the Ultimate Universe, I enjoyed the books (and I’m still enjoying Spider-Man). I have no idea how he’ll be on Superman, but I’ve been enjoying the Tomasi/Gleason run on Superman and the Jurgens run on Action. So I’m not particularly happy to see their runs end. And it leaves me concerned about Super Sons. Is Tomasi staying? Is the book ending or the boys being parceled out to other comics? Will we see Batman & Robin return? A third Superman book?

      And why the @%$# is Superman being relaunched again? Third Superman #1 since 2011. It’s just bloody silly. Is DC going to pull a Marvel and do this with most of its other titles too?

      My answer is that I’m reading the Superman titles regardless. Whether I go completely digital on Supes (other than Super Sons) is the only question; I’ve been doing Superman and Super Sons in print, Action and other super-titles digitally. So we’ll see what happens there…

    • Robert Mayland

      I was interested right up until I read he’s retconning Krypton blowing up for the thousandth time.

      Tell a new Superman story people!

    • Kacper Przysiężny

      I’m very worried about this. I liked Bendis work, that was less ,,Super-Heroic”, like Alias or Daredevil. He’s book that focused more on Super Heroics were usually mixed bag. New Avengers is Great, but his other works like Mighty Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxy were horrendous. And starting with Mini series, also doesn’t show confidence. He’s usually very good at starting a story, like with Invincible Iron Man, but after first he goes down very quickly. And also 2 books. If they would give him one book, that would be fine, but Two? This worked with his All New and Uncanny……. for a time. I’m even more concerned for DC editorial. Rebirth has been mediocre or just bad. And they did nothing to improve it.

    • lagozzino

      Bendis has not written a single complete story that I liked in upwards of 5 years. He’s written plenty of single issues that I loved, he’s written plenty of stories that at least STARTED fantastically, but I can’t think of a single multipart storyline he’s done in his recent career that was good from beginning to end. Was that just because of Marvel editorial interference? Did his x-men run only meander as badly as it did because he was too distracted by the Powers tv series being in production at the same time? Possible, but I honestly can’t bring myself to pay money to find out. I refuse to sit through another trademark Bendis 10 part story that starts with an intriguing premise and then spends the next 8 issues not advancing the plot in any significant way before wrapping up in a finale that really only serves as a cliffhanger to set up the next plot.

    • nwoslave1984

      where is the selection, i wont read anything by bendis?