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Reader Poll: What is Your Favorite of DC’s Infinite Earths?

By | September 30th, 2022
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In “Dark Crisis On Infinite Earths” #4, readers saw the rebirth of the ‘infinite multiverse,’ the idea that, essentially, any and all universes that we’ve seen in a DC comic exist in continuity, somewhere. In the solicit text for December’s “Dark Crisis: Big Bang” #1, we get specific references to places like the “Jurassic League” and “Batman ’89” universes, which means that DC is taking he ‘infinite’ part quite literally.

And so, we want to know, which of DC’s alternate Earths is your favorite?

Now, there’s no way we can list even a fraction of the options here. We polled our staff via our Slack to see what books/universes needed to be included. This led to some debate about if the pre-“Crisis” Earth-2 is different than the post-“Flashpoint” Earth 2 (absolutely), which Earth Stan Lee’s DC reinventions lived on (Earth-6), and whether things like the Webtoon comics had their own Earth (I say why not!). Regardless, below is our list of favorites; choose yours from the list and, if it isn’t there, leave it in the comments!

Check back on Monday for the full results, and have a (sadly not infinite) weekend.

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