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Reader Poll: Which “From the Ashes” X-Men Book Sounds Best to You?

By | March 15th, 2024
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Yesterday, Marvel gave the first real look at the post-Krakoa version of the X-Men with the announcement of three new books/lineups/creators, as well as titles of additional books. Since those books aren’t super fleshed out yet, we’re leaving them be for the time being. But we’ve got three books to dig into, and we want to know, based on the information we have available right now, which one are you most excited for?

Here is how our news editor, Christopher Chiu-Tabet, described the three titles in our news post:

– “X-Men,” by Jed MacKay and Ryan Stegman, finds the X-Men now based out of Alaska in the wake of Krakoa’s destruction, and consisting of Cyclops, Beast, Magneto (now in a hoverchair like his old friend Xavier), Psylocke, Kid Omega, Temper (formerly Oya), Magik, and Juggernaut. It will begin on July 10.

– “Uncanny X-Men” by Gail Simone and David Marquez will follow a team consisting of Rogue, Gambit, Nightcrawler, Jubilee, and Wolverine/Logan in New Orleans. Issue #1 will drop on August 7. While not the first woman to pen “Uncanny X-Men” (that honor goes to Fiona Avery, who co-wrote the “Annual 2000”), Simone will be the book’s first female full-time writer.

– “Exceptional X-Men” by Eve L. Ewing and Carmen Carnero will follow Kate Pryde, as she returns to her hometown of Chicago (which, incidentally, is where is Ewing from.) Unfortunately for her, retirement proves shortlived, as Emma Frost ropes her into mentoring three new young mutants: Bronze, Axo, and Melee. The first issue will be released on September 4.

So, vote in our poll, and check back on Monday for the results! Krakoa Forever.

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