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    Reader Poll: Has San Diego Comic Con Lost Its Significance?

    By | July 14th, 2017
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    Just a few years ago, it seemed that San Diego Comic Con was the epicenter of all things comics. Social media and the comics internet broadcast a seemingly non-stop string of news, panels, and screenings, making it seem that if you weren’t in San Diego, you were missing the entirety of comics and (God I hate this term) geek culture.

    But the last few years has been the convention shift a bit. News tends to break a week or two before, perhaps to give stories time to breathe, and not get caught in the SDCC-haze. Companies like Image and Valiant have launched their own proprietary events where they announce their big news. DC used WonderCon to roll out ‘Rebirth.’ New York Comic Con is growing rapidly, and would likely overtake SDCC in attendance if the Jacob Javits Center could hold more people.

    In addition, it seems that the constant influx of non-comics related culture to the convention may have reached a tipping point. Sure, LOST wasn’t comics related, but the storytelling and model for the show were squarely rooted in a common language. Can the same be said for Sharknado 5? With Mile High Comics pulling out of the event, it seems like this may be a real crossroads for the convention. It seems like, while still undoubtedly the biggest event in comics, San Diego Comic Con isn’t quite what it once was.

    Do you agree? Has the bloom come off the SDCC rose? Vote in the poll and then let us know your feelings in the comments.

    Has San Diego Comic Con Lost Its Significance?

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    • KLD

      Significance as far as a ‘comics’ show, then yes, absolutely. As a pop show, it’s getting there. Way too convoluted.