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    Reader Poll: Who is the First “Watchmen” Character We Will See in ‘Rebirth?’

    By and | April 21st, 2017
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    This week began ‘The Button,’ DC’s most direct acknowledgment of “Watchmen” since introducing the Comedian’s button back in “DC Universe Rebirth” #1 in May of last year. There have been hints, teases, and some blatant references, but we have yet to see a character from the Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’s work appear in the flesh yet (we’re not counting the squid from the final issue, who may or may not have appeared twice in Superman, nor are we counting Mr. Oz, as he is clearly hiding his identity).

    So, who will be the first to appear? Vote in our reader poll, and then let us know your logic in the comments!

    Which “Watchmen” Character Will Appear in ‘Rebirth’ First?

    Dr. Manhattan0%
    Nite Owl0%
    Silk Spectre0%
    Rorschach 0%
    The Comedian0%
    Bernard, the newstand guy0%
    None; it will all be metatextual and off panel. 0%
    The entire crew of the Black Freighter 0%

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