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    Reader Poll: Which ‘Young Animal’ Book Has Been Your Favorite Thus Far?

    By | October 20th, 2017
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    We are entering a period of (relative) quiet for ‘Young Animal,’ the DC comics ‘pop-up imprint’ run by Gerard Way. With the first year of “Shade, the Changing Girl,” “Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye,” and “Mother Panic” wrapping up, only “Doom Patrol” and “BUG! The Adventures of Forager” will be coming out in November and December.

    Because of that, this seemed like a good time to reflect on what has been the best book of ‘Young Animal’ thus far, in the opinion of our readers. Is it “Doom Patrol” and its world building, “Cave Carson” and its journey through the forgotten corners of the DCU, the more grounded and sad “Mother Panic,” the absolute manic energy of “BUG!,” or the touching and bizarre “Shade.” We love them all, but we want to know which one is your favorite.

    Vote in the poll below, and give us an explanation in the comments!

    Which ‘Young Animal’ Book Has Been Your Favorite Thus Far?

    Doom Patrol0%
    Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye0%
    Mother Panic0%
    Shade, the Changing Girl0%
    Bug! The Adventures of Forager 0%

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