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Multiversity Coffee Break, Episode 5: Sina Grace on Cliffhanger!

By | October 7th, 2020
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Earlier today, we chatted with Sina Grace about Cliffhanger on our weekly Twitch show (to watch future episodes, click here), and now you can watch the full episode on YouTube, which is embedded below. So, pour yourself a cup of joe – or your beverage of choice – and join us to discuss this short-lived Wildstorm imprint, and whatever else comes up! Even if you’re not super familiar with Cliffhanger Comics – and trust me, I’m not at all – it should be a super fun discussion. Plus, see Sina sketch a couple of Cliffhanger characters.

You can follow Sina on Twitter, @SinaGrace. Also, check out his website,, where you can find his webseries, Self-Obsessed, buy some original art, and keep up with all of his new projects.

We’ll return next week, and every Wednesday in October, with another Coffee Break!

And, this goes without saying, please wear a mask and stay safe.

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