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    Entering the World of “Star Wars” with John Jackson Miller [Interview + Exclusive Covers]

    By | June 8th, 2012
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    Thanks to our friends at Dark Horse Comics, we have a bevy of exciting, exclusive covers to share with you. These covers are for the titles below, all of which are tied to John Jackson Miller’s corner of the “Star Wars” universe.

    For those that don’t know, Miller has been telling some of the best “Star Wars” stories in comics over the past few years, kicking off with Empire, leading into Knights of the Old Republic, and then leading into his current series in the form of Knight Errant: Escape and The Lost Tribe of the Sith. He’s not just prolific, but fantastic at it.

    Below, we have solicits and covers for a few new JJM joints, as well as a conversation with Miller about his work on these titles, how he joined in on the fun, his site Comichron, and the industry in general. Thanks to Miller for chatting with me, and we hope you enjoy it.

    For more from Miller, check out his site Faraway Press

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    John Jackson Miller (W), Andrea Mutti (P), Pierluigi Baldassini (I), Michael Atiyeh (C), and Paul Renaud (Cover)

    On sale Sept 12
    FC, 32 pages

    Having set sail on a prisoner vessel to uncharted territories, a rebel and a stowaway princess find themselves in a losing battle with their crewmates against a society of strange self-proclaimed exiles. When they are taken in by the exiles, new opportunities for power within the civilization pique their interest. The rebel recklessly takes the first opening to go after a guarded weapon he believes could upend the entire tribe of Sith!

    – Based on the popular e-book.

    – An all-Sith tale!


    John Jackson Miller (W), Marco Castiello (P), Vincenzo Acunzo (I), Michael Atiyeh (C), and Benjamin Carré (Cover)

    On sale Sept 12
    FC, 32 pages

    Caught in a battle between three Sith armies, Jedi Kerra Holt does her utmost to prevent them from finding a powerful Sith relic. Her mission to find her lost family brought the war onto this world, and as she reaches the end of her search for her parents, she realizes the extent of the danger that could be brought to the galaxy if the relic falls into Sith hands! Has Kerra let her personal gain override the needs of thousands of innocents?

    – John Jackson Miller’s Knight Errant novel from Del Rey was a New York Times bestseller!


    John Jackson Miller (W), Andrea Mutti (P), Gigi Baldassini (I), Michael Atiyeh (C), and Benjamin Carré (Cover)

    On sale Nov 7
    FC, 120 pages
    TP, 7″ x 10″

    The Republic and the Mandalorians are at war, and some of the Jedi are joining the fight! One Jedi, peace-loving Zayne Carrick, has found himself on the front lines against his wishes–he’s been drafted . . . And when Zayne is captured by the Mandalorians while storming beaches with his fellow Republic troops, he suddenly is forced not only to fight, but to fight alongside the enemy! Collects Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic–War #1—#5.

    – The perfect entry point into the Star Wars galaxy!

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