2013 in Review: Reader’s Choice for Best Ongoing Series

By | December 23rd, 2013
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On Friday, we announced our ten favorite ongoing series of 2013, and in that same post we asked readers to pick their personal favorites on the year, and you responded. So what were your picks? Here they are below, and thanks to everyone for voting!

1. Saga at 24.67% of the voting
2. Batman at 14%
3. East of West at 13.33%
4. Hawkeye at 9.33%
5. MIND MGMT at 7.33%

So not only was “Saga” our pick for the best ongoing of the year, it was for our readers as well. It’s been that kind of year – hell, existence – for Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples’ Image Comics series, and it’s well deserved. The big change between our list and the readers list is Batman skyrocketing from #7 to #2, but that’s to be expected for one of the most popular (and quality) books in comics.

“Other” as a category actually tied with Hawkeye in the voting, with the most votes in that category going to Jason Aaron’s (and friends!) “Thor: God of Thunder.”

It was a great year of comics and at Multiversity, and we quite literally couldn’t do it without you. Okay, we could, but we wouldn’t like it. So thanks to everyone for reading, and thanks for voting as well.

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