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    Artist August: Charles Paul Wilson III (Art Feature)

    By | August 12th, 2011
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    Today’s artist Charles Paul Wilson III doesn’t have very much work outside The Stuff of Legend (the title he works on for Th3rd World Studios) published, but if you know where to look (like his DeviantArt page), you can see that this is an artist who is ready made to work on any type of book any time. Whether you’re looking for a showdown between Hellboy and Wolverine, a X-Men jam piece with his Ten Ton Studio teammates, or totally rad Annihilus pieces, Wilson has it covered.

    Check out some of his exceptional pieces after the jump, and if you dig his work, make sure to start catching up on the phenomenal The Stuff of Legend and/or pick up the first issue of the new volume this upcoming Wednesday.


    Batman vs. The Joker

    Galactus, Con Style

    The Legion of Super Pets

    Amazing Hulk Style Stuff of Legend Cover

    Even More Amazing Avengers Style Stuff of Legend Cover

    Straight Up Amazing X-23 Cover

    Wolverine and Hellboy: The Best There Is At What They Do

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