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    Artist August: James Jean [Art Feature]

    By | August 21st, 2014
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    While not explicitly a comic artist, or even an interior artist in any way, James Jean is an artist I became familiar with because of his comic work. Specifically, his work on the covers of “Fables”, the Vertigo series from Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham. Jean’s art graced the covers of over 70 issues in the series at the start, and his work became so celebrated and so synonymous with the run that Vertigo even printed a collection of his covers in one gorgeous book.

    If anyone deserved it, Jean did, as his work was and is staggeringly gorgeous. Having as much in common with comic art as it did some of the most renowned painters throughout history, it doesn’t matter what his medium is – walls on buildings, comic covers, gorgeous prints – Jean endlessly blows me away with his achingly beautiful and powerful work.

    But enough words. I have plenty of pictures for you, and that’s worth way, way more I hear. Take a look below, and enjoy. I know I do.

    Fables #71 Cover



    Tiger III

    Fables #60 Cover



    Hint Mint

    Fables #50 Cover


    Fables Cover Collection Cover


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