Artist August: Mike Wieringo (Art Feature)

By | August 12th, 2011
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A Self Portrait by Mike Wieringo

Four years ago today, legendary comics artist Mike Wieringo passed away. Growing up, Mike’s art was one of the major reasons I got into comics, as his work with Mark Waid on The Flash was an absolutely paramount moment in my growth as a reader. Plus, he was the co-creator of my favorite character growing up, Impulse.

Unlike a few artists I loved growing up, I am still as enamored as ever with Mike’s art, and as I looked through his DeviantArt page and his website, it became completely apparent that his work would be relevant and even great no matter what era he belonged to.

Whether you knew his work or not, I highly recommend checking out the art feature on Mike Wieringo, and you can find that after the jump.

Booster Gold

Harry Potter

Charlie from Lost

Gorilla J. Jonah Jameson


King City Tribute Piece

Chimp Peter Parker

RIP Bart Allen (although he is back now)

Space Girl and Friend


Spirited Away

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