Artist August: Tom Scioli [Art Feature]

By | August 30th, 2014
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Full disclosure: I had another artist slated for this spot up until quite recently. I went with a pick that I felt was an important artist in the history of comics, and was excited to spotlight their work. However, when I started collecting pieces, I felt nothing. The work, while incredible, didn’t resonate with me at all.

Tom Scioli’s work resonates with me.

Scioli’s art isn’t just beautiful comic art – it is beautiful art about comics. Everything he draws is, in some way, a commentary on comics, and that is why the work is so powerful. He never draws anything that isn’t aware that it is appearing in a comic, and that self-awareness lends the work humor, personality, and enthusiasm. His work jumps off the page in a way that few others’ can. I hope you enjoy it.

A pinup for “American Barbarian.”

A page from “G.I. Joe Vs. Transformers.”

A panel from “Mystery Object.”

A tease for the “Godland” finale.

A tribute to Jack Kirby.

A Variant cover to “Avengers” #24.

A “Total Recall” faux-cover.

A page from “Final Frontier.”

A pinup from “Hip-Hop Family Tree” of the Fat Boys (and Freddie Kruger).

From “Twisted Savage Dragon Funnies.”

A Big Barda pinup.

A “Captain America” pinup.

The cover to “The Incredibles” #3.

Ragnar, from “Final Frontier,” pinup.

A page from “Satan’s Soldier.”

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