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    Artist August: Valerio Schiti [Art Process]

    By | August 28th, 2013
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    To close out today’s Artist August efforts, we have a look inside the process for “Journey into Mystery” artist Valerio Schiti in last month’s issue #654. His work is absolutely incredible, and in this piece, you can see how the story goes from writer Kathryn Immonen’s script to Jordie Bellaire’s final colors. Take a look, and thanks to Schiti for sharing this with us.

    Page 13 of Journey into Mystery #654, Step 1
    Page 13 of Journey into Mystery #654, Step 1.1
    Page 13 of Journey into Mystery #654, Step 2
    Page 13 of Journey into Mystery #654, Step 3
    Page 13 of Journey into Mystery #654, Step 3.1
    Page 13 of Journey into Mystery #654, Step 4

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