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    Boomb Tube: Maximum Carnage

    By | April 2nd, 2013
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    Welcome to Boomb Tube! Here we recap all of your favorite Cape Cartoons! This week, Ultimate Spider-Man’s incarnation of Carnage!

    Norman Osborn, genius industrial leader and Time Maagazine’s Father of the Year returned to New York City in his Goblin persona, seemingly to go after his son Harry. Peter hangs out with Harry in an attempt to protect him, only to learn that he’s Norman’s real target. Osborn injects Peter with the Venom Symbiote that Harry was previously infected with which, when combined with Peter’s Spidey-Blood, results in Drake Bell Spider-Man becoming Drake Bell Carnage. Drake Bell Carnage is then sent by Norman to hunt down Harry, only for Harrry to reabsorb Carnage to become Venom again, restoring Peter back to Drake Bell Spider-Man. Rest in peace, Dake BellCarnage. March 31st 2013 10:11 am – March 31st 2013 10:18 am. Peter then finds Harry about to kill his dad and tries to stop him. He does. Norman Osborn gets away and Harry is left with Peter, friends again.

    I think that if Ultimate Spider-Man has one good thing going for it, it’s their interpretation of Harry as Venom. It’s a brilliant way to still have a Harry story where he’s corrupted by his father while not retreading the New Goblin story that’s been done a miillion times. Plus, revamping Carnage as a Venomfied Peter is also an interesting departure from the original character. It’s such a shame then that, as previous episodes have shown, Ultimate Spider-Man has a very simple style of storytelling that just leaves the viewer wanting more. There are good ideas here, but they all feel buried under cutaway gags of Drake Bell Spider-Man making a joke about… I don’t even know what these jokes about. I think the punchline is meant to be Chibi Spider-Man’s squeaky Drake Bell voice.

    Review Score – 5/10 – Great ideas, flawed execution.

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