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    Gilbert’s Got You Covered!

    By | May 30th, 2010
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    Welcome to another edition of Burpee’s Got You Covered, this time featuring everyone’s favorite me….ME! Burpee couldn’t make it due to a family emergency, and this being one of my favorite columns, I volunteered to step up! So do I like? Will Adi Granov continue his dominance? Will we even SEE an X-Men cover? Well, you’ll just have to look behind the cut to find out!

    Note: I decided to forgo the numbered system because I love all of these covers so much. There’s a little of this and a little of that, so be prepared to have your face melt from the sheer AWESOME!

    Detective Comics #865
    Cliff Chiang

    I confess I don’t read Detective Comics now that Rucka and Williams left to pursue other projects, but this cover makes me want to check it out. So Batman looks like he’s going to Arkham and he’s got the keys, almost in a way of taunting the prisoners. I can only imagine that’s how certain prisoners see him too, even if it is a reference to The Black Mask. I like seeing different perspectives of our heroes, and this was a great take.

    Justice League of America #45 (Variant)
    David Mack

    You know, if this were the main cover, I probably would have bought the issue. It’s an absolutely breathtaking cover, and it’s world’s better than the standard Mark Bagley cover in my opinion. It doesn’t hurt that I have a soft spot for Supergirl, or anyone else with a “S” shield on their chest, right? Oh well. This is a cover I wouldn’t mind having as a painting on my wall. Just incredible stuff.

    Crossed #8 (of 9)
    Juan Jose Ryp

    How gory is this? I gasped when I saw the amount of gore sprayed across the page, and then laughed when I saw the look on his face. Another title I don’t read, but I think I may catch it in trade just for this cover!

    Amazing Spider-Man #632
    Chris Bachalo

    This reminds me of classic horror movies. Back when it was OK to not show the monster in the movie in full view, but simply to show elements of him. The Lizard’s tail is almost like the comics version of a sharks fin (you know…Jaws). It does a great job of showing how much trouble Spider-Man is actually in without displaying everything on the cover. Extra point for the camera being placed inside The Lizard’s maw. It bring a whole new level of creativity to the project. Excellent job.

    Green Lantern (Vol. 4) #54
    Shane Davis, Sandra Hope, and Barbara Ciardo

    You know why I chose this cover? I could go on gushing over the kinetic energy that makes Atrocitus come of the page, or the danger implied when this subway smacks into the Red Lantern. But no, that’s not why (even though it’s all of those things)! You know why I did? Look at Dex-Starr, he’s a little bastard, and even though he’s not directly involved in what’s about to happen, your eyes are drawn there anyway.

    Continued below

    Justice League: Generation Lost #2
    Tony Harris

    This is giving us some masterful visual teasing, with Maxwell Lord seemingly manipulating his former teammates in the JLI like pieces on a chess board and simply making it seem like he’s plotting his next move. But then you see the effects his powers are having on his body, and you wonder how long it can handle the amount of stress through which it’s going through. Great stuff here fanpeeps.

    Weapon X Noir #1
    C.P. Smith

    Relatively simple in it’s approach, I couldn’t help but notice the attention to detail. From evil clowns to strippers, it’s a crazy cover, but you may think it’s nothing special. Then you notice it’s in a chalk outline, which is still nothing that memorable. But the spray paint bullet holes, as simple as they are, brought a sense of dread to the story. Who’s getting offed? What’s going on? I kind of want to know!

    The Thanos Imperative: Ignition (One-Shot)
    Aleksi Briclot

    Thanos is back, and he looks P-I-S-S-E-D. It’s a very well drawn cover, and it happens to feature one of my favorite villains of all time. I want to see more from you Aleksi, and I’m glad you’re pencilling the rest of the Thanos Imperative covers.

    Scalped #38

    David keeps on telling us we need to read Scalped, and contrary to what he may think, I have read the first arc, and I did in fact love it to death, I’m in the process of catching up right now, and I will be sometime in the future.

    From a design perspective, this is just flat out gorgeous. But it’s by Jock, why wouldn’t it be? Such a simple cover, but it tells you everything you need to know about this issue. The army helmet tells you it takes place in Vietnam, and the feathers and the nickname tells you it’s about an American Indian named Rez Dog by his fellow soldiers.

    Marvel Zombies 5 #3
    Leonard Kirk

    Truth be told, I picked this one because it’s absolutely hilarious. The part that got me was the blatant reference to DC’s recently completed zombie epic Blackest Night, only since it stars Howard the Duck, he’s the “Quackest Knight!”

    Absolutely hysterical.

    X-Force #27 (Variant)
    David Finch

    Cable and Hope have been through a lot over the past few years. Some might even call it Hell. This is such a tender moment between what amounts to a father and daughter relationship. Even after all they’ve been through, Second Coming must be taking its toll. It also has a very special and heartbreaking context after you read the issue. I’ve actually found the David Finch covers better than the Adi Granov covers, mainly because Adi has the technique, but Finch has the emotion. This cover says it all.

    Well there you have it. Gilbert’s Got You Covered is over. 11 exceptional covers all eye-catching and absolutely stunning in their own right. Burpee should be back next week, but until then, I’VE GOT YOU COVERED.

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